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5 Reasons to Get Your Private Pilots License

Let’s face it, most of us have dreamed of flying. We’ve imagined the sense of freedom and adventure, unlimited horizons, and the sheer joy of soaring through the sky with the earth far below.

And with 720,000 Americans holding a pilot’s license, there’s no reason you can’t follow your dream, either. Whether you’ve thought seriously about learning how to fly or not, there are plenty of reasons you should turn your dreams into reality. So let’s take a look at five of the top reasons to get a pilot’s license!

1. A New View on the World

Catching a glimpse of the world from a tiny window when flying on a commercial plane is fun. But it’s nothing compared to the expansive, unlimited views you’ll see from the cockpit as you’re flying towards the horizon.

Whether you’re at 1,000 feet or 20,000 feet, there is nothing that comes close to the pilot’s view. You’ll see sunrises and sunsets, spectacular clouds, and the ever-changing scenery of the world rolling by below you.

As a private pilot, you can see that view whenever you want. But, get a commercial license, and that view becomes a daily part of your office in the sky!

2. Learn a Whole New Set of Skills

Pilots need to develop a unique set of skills – and those lessons help in every area of their life. Juggling the variables pilots deal with when they are flying is challenging. Navigation, radio communications, weather, traffic avoidance, and private aircraft maintenance play a role.

Learning how to make quick, educated decisions is critical to flight safety. And the ability to deal with challenges and problem solve translates from the cockpit to everyday life.

3. Pilots Are an Elite Group

If the movies were reality, pilots would be reckless, devil-may-care adventurers. The truth is the opposite.

Completing all of the training to get a pilot’s license proves that you have mastered many skills. Underlying all of them is safety.

Pilots are meteorologists, careful planners, outstanding decision-makers, and careful managers of time and resources. And they do that with enthusiasm and passion unique to aviation.

4. Convenient and Practical

For most people, flying means crowds, long lines, cramped seats, and frequent delays. Not so when you learn to fly. Drive to the gate, avoid tedious security, and settle into the cockpit.

From there, you fly where you want, when you want. It’s your schedule – your destination. And with more than 19,000 airports, the sky’s the limit!

5. Business Advantages

Combining business with a pilot’s license opens up a new world of opportunities. Flying your own plane lets your business have unlimited reach to customers and markets – and is bound to impress clients and co-workers alike!

Take the Next Step: Get a Pilot’s License

Whether you get a pilot’s license for personal use or to build a career in commercial aviation, a pilot’s license is the key to opening the door to a whole new world. It’s a world filled with excitement and wonder!

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