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Top 10 Things to Buy in Kerala – When you are Visiting Next Time!

Suitable for all types of tourists – be it honeymooners, friends, families, or colleagues – this remarkable South Indian state is among the most stunning places to visit in India. However, a trip to God’s Own Country is incomplete without getting your hands on at least a couple of the best things to buy in Kerala. You can expect to fill your shopping bags with some of the most spectacular handicrafts, exotic spices, beautiful dresses, aromatic oils, and a horde of other things.

Since Kerala shopping attractions are far and wide, here’s our guide to Kerala shopping markets. Know what things to buy in Kerala and where!

Famous Things to Buy in Kerala if you are visiting as Tourist

The list of awesome things to buy in Kerala is an extremely extensive one. Thereby, we’ve compiled a list of the most famous and must-buy things in Kerala. Check out the list and enjoy street shopping in Kerala at its best!

1. Coffee and Tea leaves

 An absolute must-buy for tea and coffee lovers! Kerala is peppered with sprawling tea and coffee plantations that produce some of the best quality tea leaves and coffee nuts. Buy the popular Nilgiri Tea grown throughout the state. The highly aromatic and rich in color Monsooned Malabar Coffee is also a must-buy item in Kerala. Even if you’re visiting on last minute flights for work-related purposes, don’t forget to buy these!

2. Coir Products

What is Kerala most famous for? Coconuts, of course! Well, apart from Elephants, backwaters, beaches, and a horde of other things. Coir products are among the top things to buy in Kerala. Extracted from coconut husks, coir is used to make ropes, mats, rugs, besoms, carpets, brushes, and a lot of other things. Price will depend on quality and the method of coir extraction.

3. Spices

This is among the best things to buy in Kochi. Kerala remains unbeaten when it comes to quality and variety of spices in India. Vast spice plantations spread across the state churn out high-quality turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and star anise among others. So when you’re visiting on cheap flights to Kochi, visit the local Spice Market and get your hands on these incredible spices.

4. Handicrafts

Among other things, Kerala is famous for handicrafts as well. It’s one of the best Kerala special items for shopping. The state is famed for creating some of the best handicraft items with coir, ivory, mud, textiles, seashells, metals, coconut shells, cane, wood, stones, palm leaves and what not! Invest in some of these best and most beautiful things to buy in Kerala. Some of the best handicraft markets can be found in Alleppey comes into kerala famous things to buy.

5. Kasavu mundu, sarees, and dresses

The traditional dress of the state, Kasavu mundu is one of the best things to buy in Kerala. Hand-made cotton cloth with a beautiful zari border, the Kasavu mundu is worn by men customarily during festivals, weddings, and other such occasions. Also, buy the Kasavu saree woven from the finest cotton and bordered with gold-cum-copper zari. You can get these at any of the famous Kerala cloth markets which can be things to buy in kochi list too.

6. Aromatic oils and essence

These are among the top things to buy in Kerala when visiting on business class flights. Although not to be used as cosmetics, these aroma oils are found at their purest and best forms only in Kerala. There are Ayurvedic spas at pretty much every resort in Kerala which use these aromatic oils and essence in various therapeutic treatments. Make your requirements known to the shopkeeper before making the purchase is being kept in the list of things to buy in Kerala.

7. Banana chips and cashew nuts

Whether you’re shopping in Kerala at Munnar, Fort Kochi, or elsewhere, banana chips are a must-buy! The golden wafers deep fried in oil until crisp are among the topmost things to buy in Kerala. They are available in two major types. One type is made using seasoned bananas while the other type is made using raw ones. Cashew nuts are also a popular item to buy here. Some of the best shops selling these can be found in Trivandrum near the popular Padmanabhaswamy Temple where you can keep these into things to buy in Trivandrum.

8. Kerala Jewelry

Buy stunning gold jewelry that reflects the vibrant and traditional Malayalam spirit. Junk jewelry of amazing designs and patterns is a great item to buy as well. Popular jewelry items to buy include: payyannur pavithra mothiram (ring); earrings such as kannuneerthulli, thoda, and jimmiki; armlets such as kappu, bracelets embellished with stones, enamel, and pearls; gold trinkets such as dalamini, poothali, manonmani, chuttiyum chehlum, manga mala, elakkathali, and several others. Apart from this, thebracelets.com.au has an amazing collection of bracelets , so check them out if you are fond of bracelets.

9. Houseboat & snake boat models

These are among the best things to buy in Kerala when it comes to souvenirs. A model of the traditional Kerala war boat, Chundan Vallam, is among the Kerala special items for shopping. Also, miniatures of spectacular Kerala houseboats are popular to buy as well. You can also buy traditional Kathakali masks. These are awesome gift-cum-souvenir items that will add charm and beauty to your homes.

10. Aranmula Kannadi (mirror)

This is not just any of the ordinary things to buy in Kerala when visiting. It is, in fact, one of the most famous things tourists should buy in Kerala. What makes this spectacular mirror special is that it’s crafted out of metal and not glass! One of the top Kerala shopping attractions ever, this item is a must-buy. Reportedly, it brings luck, good fortune, and wealth into the buyer’s life. Keep in mind the size and ensuing transportation issues when buying the mirror comes under kerala famous things to buy.

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