How to Increase Your Lead Conversion Rate


You’re in good company if you have focused your sights on sales leads. A massive 91% of marketing professionals, when surveyed, said that lead generation was top of their priority list.

It’s the best way to get sales – providing you know how to convert them.

If that’s where you’re stuck, read on for some tips. Here, we’ll explain some strategies you can try to help improve your lead conversion rate.

Revisit Your Customer Profile

Sometimes it’s best to think of answers from a different perspective. When you have trouble converting leads, you may assume it’s a problem with your sales tactics. But it might be that you are not selling to the right people.

Take stock of your ideal customer avatar and see whether that matches the leads you currently get. If not, you may need to think about changing your marketing material so that you attract your perfect customer.

Invest in Copywriting

You’ve probably got a landing page to help convert visitors, but is that landing page working as well as it could? In truth, many businesses use headlines and call to action that isn’t effective enough to inspire their visitors.

If you lack experience in sales copy, hire a copywriter to re-write your landing page headline and sub-headlines. A change of wording might seem minor, but it could have the impact you need to increase conversion rates.

Start Testing

Are you regularly testing your landing pages? If not, you should make that a priority if you want to improve your conversion rates.

Most landing page tools offer A/B testing, which allows you to test similar pages side by side to see which performs the best with your audience.

You shouldn’t see this as a one-off task but an ongoing part of your lead conversion process. You can see the effect on your conversion rates each time you test.

Experiment with different headlines, images, call-to-actions, and page designs until you find the ones that help you get the optimum conversion rate.

Try Email

Build your email list if you have trouble boosting conversions on a sales page. Create an email sequence to introduce your audience to your product, including special offers, customer testimonials, and exclusive bonuses.

When you use email to link to your sales page, you should see a boost in your conversion rates. That’s because you’ve started selling to a warm audience who already know and like what you sell.

If you mainly use the phone instead of email, view this linked page for some ideas on how to increase sales.

Improve Your Lead Conversion Rate Today

Don’t settle for poor sales conversions. It’s effectively leaving money on the table, which could cost your business dear. Instead, use these simple but effective strategies to improve your lead conversion rate.

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