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Live Events in Chicago Today You Must Attend in the City

Chicago, the Windy City, is a vibrant and diverse metropolis that is home to a plethora of exciting events and happenings. From cultural festivals to sports events, live music performances to culinary events, look for events in Chicago today and it has something for everyone. The city has given rise to numerous artists and hosted many more. Whether you are a visitor or a proud resident, you will wish to stay here forever. Given below are some of the hooking events you must definitely attend. 

Live events in Chicago

Smiley Tillmon Band Feat Kate Moss

If you are looking for events in Chicago today, here is a musical one that will mesmerize you. The Smiley Tillmon Band is a blues band based in Chicago, Illinois. The band is fronted by Smiley Tillmon, a singer, songwriter, and guitarist who has been a fixture in the Chicago blues scene for many years.

The band’s music is rooted in traditional blues, but they also incorporate elements of funk, soul, and rock into their sound. The group also features Kate Moss, a famous blues guitarist who has been playing since her early teens and mastered the genre at a very young age. 

The Smiley Tillmon Band has released several albums, including “Blues in the Basement,” “Come on Home,” and “It’s All Blues to Me.” Their music has been praised for its authenticity and energy. Begin your melodious morning at Reggies Chicago on 16 April at 11 am and enjoy the blues. 

Monday Night Open Jam: Tommy Carroll

Talent knows no boundaries and Tommy Carroll is the perfect example of it. Drummer, composer, and beatmaker, Tommy lives and works in Chicago and is completely blind. He has performed nationwide with well-known rock bands, jazz combos, rappers, and singers of all genres. His versatile playing ranges from bluegrass to soul, and the Chicago Reader referred to him as a workhorse drummer. Tommy enjoys both throwing dance parties and constructing cozy soundscapes that listeners can explore with their bodies and minds as a bandleader. Pick your instrument and jam with this renowned artist at Golden Dagger on 17 April from 7 pm onwards. 

Marlon Wayans

Comic events in Chicago today are what you desire to attend, enjoy your leisure time with international fame artists. Marlon Wayans is adding to his list of successful shows every weekend and selling out across the country as a stand-up comedian. Wayans is currently starring in and producing the Netflix original film THE CURSE OF BRIDGE HOLLOW. The movie ranked first when it first came out. Wayans’ guest appearance as Lou in the final episode of BEL-AIR received acclaim. Wayans is best known for his role as “Marcus Copeland” in the 2004 smash comedy WHITE CHICKS, in which he co-starred with Shawn Wayans, Jamie King, and Terry Crews. The 1995 release of “The Wayans Bros.,” the highest-rated comedy on the network, starred Wayans and his brother Shawn Wayans. Be ready to laugh till your stomach aches with Marlon Wayans at Chicago Improv Comedy Club on 20 April at 7 pm. 

The Lightning Thief

Looking for live music in Chicago with the narration of a best-seller? Here is the perfect event for you with the theatrical presentation of a novel. The story follows Percy Jackson, a troubled twelve-year-old boy who discovers that he is a demigod, the son of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. Percy is sent to Camp Half-Blood, a summer camp for demigods, where he meets other children of the gods, learns to control his powers, and embarks on a quest to retrieve Zeus’s stolen lightning bolt. Along the way, Percy and his friends encounter mythical creatures, battle dangerous monsters, and uncover a plot to overthrow the gods. The novel explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and heroism. The novel has been praised for its engaging plot, relatable characters, and creative integration of Greek mythology. Witness the adventures of demigods at Center Theatre  At North Shore Center For The Performing Arts on 21 April at 12 pm.  


Be a part of one of the most vibrant and happening cities in the world, and enjoy yourself by attending live events in Chicago today. From humor to jams and concerts to theatre, you name the genre and there it is.

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