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What Is the Best Reseller Hosting Company?

Reseller hosting has emerged as a great business option for tech-savvy peoples. It’s an easy way to start up with minimum investment. And it dont need any earlier experience, anyone can do it at any stage of life.

You only need to select your hosting company to buy a reseller hosting plan. But before selecting a good company you need to know about a few top reseller companies.

In this article, you are going to have read the best reseller hosting companies in the world. Get this content to learn more about the india best reseller hosting provider with great performance.

In this article, we are discussing exactly what is the best reseller hosting company. And which is the best reseller hosting company for our business.

Is Reseller Hosting Profitable?

If you are a beginner in the reselling hosting business then this question definitely had popped up in your mind. Just like any other business best reseller hosting company can be defined as a profitable business but it needs some smart work instead of hard work.

There are a huge number of people who are doing well in the reseller hosting business and making a good profit. Best reseller hosting company indeed worth invest but to succeed in this business you need to take care of the following things-

  • Choose a proper best reseller hosting company
  • Check out all the features your hosting company is providing
  • Check out the pricing in details with a renewal rate
  • Always be polite to your customers
  • Never compromise over customer support to your hosting company.
  • Keep your reselling pricing reasonable

Best Reseller Hosting Provider

Now it’s time to find out the best reseller hosting companies. We have listed the top four reseller hosting companies that are best in terms of service, features, and pricing. We are going to do a reseller hosting provider comparison among the following companies.

  1. DomainRacer- Best cheap reseller hosting with A1 service
  1. HostGator- Affordable and best reseller hosting service
  1. InMotion Hosting- User-friendly interface

These four companies have recorded the best reseller hosting service and more satisfied number of users. In the further article, we are going to analyze each of them in every aspect regarding their services, features, and pricing.

  1. DomainRacer: Best cheap reseller hosting with A1 service

DomainRacer stands at the top of our list. Considering its features and pricing we have listed it at the peak of our listing. The one who wants any kind of web hosting including reseller hosting must go for DomainRacer.

DomainRacer provides flexibility in pricing so that users can select appropriate plans to gain more success with a good profit margin. As per our research, DomainRacer is a cheap, affordable and best reseller hosting provider which sells the cheapest reseller hosting plan.

Reseller Hosting Pricing-

Mini Plan $4.29/mo 12 c-Panel Accounts Unlimited Bandwidth
StartUp Plan $8.49/mo 25 c-Panel Accounts Unlimited Bandwidth
Growth Plan $14.49/mo 50 c-Panel Accounts Unlimited Bandwidth
Success Plan  $19.29/mo 70c-Panel Accounts Unlimited Bandwidth

Here you can notice how flexible and low pricing DomanRacers has for its reseller hosting plan. Every plan comes with great features and benefits. Comparing it with other companies you can decide which reseller hosting is the best platform?

Important Characteristics-

  • Unlimited bandwidth for all reseller hosting plans
  • Each plan will get 1 WHM (Web Host Manager) account for better control and management
  • Free SSL certification for each plan
  • 99.99% guaranteed and recorded uptime
  • Free WHMCS for ease in the billing process
  • 24/7/365 active and expert customer support
  • ModSecurity protection to secure your website
  • 20x faster LiteSpeed cache technology to speed up your website
  • Naming flexibility with custom nameserver/ private nameserver
  • CloudLinux infrastructure in low cost

Website- https://www.domainracer.com/

  • HostGator: Affordable reseller hosting

HostGator is one of the prominent web hosting companies. It’s been in the hosting business for a long time. It is known for its service and credibility. HostGator has various types of reasonable reseller hosting plans.  In other words, we can say that in this link affordable reseller hosting usa with whmcs plan resources are used to build business for the purpose of profit.

Reseller Hosting Pricing-

Aluminum Plan  $23.41/mo 15 c-Panel Accounts 1000GB Bandwidth
Copper Plan $24.79/mo 60 c-Panel Accounts 1000GB Bandwidth
Silver Plan $27.55/mo 250 c-Panel Accounts 2000GB Bandwidth
Gold Plan $41.33/mo 300 c-Panel Accounts 3000GB Bandwidth
Platinum Plan $55.11/mo 300 c-Panel Accounts 4000GB Bandwidth

HostGator provides Linux reseller web hosting along with windows reseller web hosting. In the above chart, we have listed its Linux web hosting pricing which is a bit more expensive than DomainRacer with limited bandwidth.

Important Characteristics-

  • Provides WHMCS panel for all plans
  • Each plan consist of a WHM panel
  • Free SSL certification
  • Enough but limited bandwidth
  • More flexibility with five types of reseller hosting plans

Website- https://www.hostgator.in/

  • InMotion Hosting: User-friendly interface

InMotion Hosting known for its ease of hosting management and user-friendly service. Just like other web hosting services it also provides all kinds of web hosting services along with reseller web hosting at low price.

Reseller Hosting Pricing-

R-1000S Plan $15.39/mo 25 c-Panel Accounts 800GB Bandwidth
R-2000S Plan $21.99/mo 50 c-Panel Accounts 1200GB Bandwidth
R-3000S Plan $30.24/mo 80 c-Panel Accounts 1600GB Bandwidth

After reviewing InMotion’s reseller hosting plan we can say that it has pretty good pricing with a sufficient number of c-Panel accounts. You can manage your customers easily with the help of its reseller hosting plan.

Important Characteristics-

  • Enough SSD storage for each plan with limited bandwidth
  • Free dedicated IP
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free SSL certification
  • Money-back guarantee

Website- https://www.inmotionhosting.com/


We have briefly seen the best reseller hosting in India and in the world. Through which anyone can get a solution for how to start a reseller hosting business? You can go with any company we have listed and explain above.

For the best and cheap reseller hosting service we suggest DomainRacer. Because it is an overselling reseller hosting around India and the globe. It provides cheap unlimited reseller hosting compared to any reseller hosting company.   If you are thinking about how to become a web hosting reseller? Then this article can be a reseller hosting business startup guide for anyone. We have listed reseller hosting deals with the best reseller hosting with WHMCS at affordable pricing

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