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Tips to help you safely load equipment on a trailer

Trailers are often used to haul heavy machinery but since they are pretty low maintenance generally, people usually overlook the safety issues that could arise when working with them. 

Two things play an important role in safely executing the task, instinct and the use of common sense. If you have entered a fairly dangerous situation you should be able to use your knowledge and instincts to pull yourself out of a situation like that. When you are reacting to a unique situation your instincts direct you and as such play a part in how you ultimately deal with the situation.

But it is extremely important that you do your best to avoid any problems from occurring on site, especially if you just purchased used heavy machinery.

Following are a few tips to help you avoid anything dangerous from happening while loading equipment.

Make Sure to Secure the Hitch

Although most of the time people know that pulling a trailer requires it to be connected to a tow truck and it’s extremely important to lock the hitch when driving. But they often overlook the importance of securing the hitch when they are loading and unloading construction equipment.

When you are loading construction equipment on a trailer and it is placed behind the back axle, the rear of the trailer ends up getting all the weight. In that situation an insecure hitch could lead to the tow truck and trailer getting damaged if the front of the trailer pops up. Even the operator and the equipment you are loading could be in danger.

Lifting Technique

Often people get back injuries when they are lifting ramps, these injuries can be avoided if you employ proper lifting technique while working. You shouldn’t engage your back muscles when attempting to lift the ramp, even if the ramp has helper springs you should avoid bending over. Instead you should engage your legs and lift with them as is the proper method you will find it much easier to lift this way as their will be more strength behind the push.

Beware of Slippery Surfaces

Although most of the time when people are lifting equipment they are cautious of any wet surfaces but forget that some slippery surfaces are dry as well. Sometimes steel surfaces become slippery over time due to us walking over them, they could also be covered in dirt or oil making them slick.

It’s best to avoid such slick and slippery surfaces, it could be dangerous for both you and your equipment. If the equipment you are loading tends to slip on steel and wood surfaces you should find traction materials like a rubber mat or star plates to buffer them. It’s important to be careful that you don’t step on wet or slick surface while loading equipment on a trailer.

Avoid any pinch points

When you are working around heavy equipment, you have to make sure that you are a hundred percent aware of your surroundings because you only get one chance to practice safety.

Stay Alert around Electricity

Whenever you are working near a place with power or electricity, you should be extra careful, your safety and life depends on it. Remember to disconnect the power of the battery before you start cleaning out a terminal or repairing a wire.


When it’s time to start working you should incorporate these habits into your routine to ensure safety while loading heavy equipment onto a trailer. Practicing safety when working with heavy equipment is necessary to avoid injury, and with some practice these safety measures will come naturally to you.

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