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Home Travel 4 Days Experience of a Luxury Honeymoon Trip to Maldives

4 Days Experience of a Luxury Honeymoon Trip to Maldives


Honeymoon is a very special trip. It is the time where you and your partner are starting the journey of a new life together. This is the time when you take a break to get away from society and relax, before you get back to your hustling busy lives. And a honeymoon in the Maldives is perfect for both of you. To make your trip even more special, you need to book the maldives honeymoon package for 4 days.


And these would be one of the resorts with private islands, with overwater rooms that make for the perfect honeymoon setting. These resorts come with a whole lot of privacy and a whole lot of fun, which is exactly what you want on your honeymoon. Spend some quality time with your partner in one of these private islands and get all the special treatment you deserve. Honeymoon in the Maldives’ islands is a dream and it only gets better with the courteous hospitality of these resorts.

The luxury and the comfort of the islands is unparalleled and you spend one of the best days in these islands. If you still do not believe us, here are five ways your honeymoon would be the most luxurious in Maldives.

1. Privacy like nowhere else

One of the best things about these overwater resorts is that they come with total privacy. You literally get to get away from the world as you spend your time in one of these wonderful water bungalows. The bungalows are huge and spacious and you even get a private swimming pool over the clear blue sea. Book the best resort in Maldives for your honeymoon and get treated with the best services.

2. Wonderful views, day and night

Another one of the best things about these overwater bungalows is the view. The fantastical and magical view of the ocean that resembles something out of a fairy tale. You get to wake up to this scenic beauty and you get to witness beautiful sunsets from the comfort of your bungalow. The crystal clear waters of the calm ocean beneath your magical hut shaped bungalows is as dreamy as it sounds.The ocean has never been this close and you do not have to go to a beach to enjoy the wonderful sea, when you are staying in these wonderful overwater resorts.

3. Seaplane rides are the best

Seaplane rides are an adventure on their own. Although they are a little heavy on the pocket, the cost is totally worth it. The seaplane excursions in Maldives are one of the best and you get a bird’s eye view of the beautiful islands and sandbars. The excitement would not die even after the end of the ride. A seaplane is the most exciting way to get to your resort as you look over the islands and marvel at what you are in for, for the next full week. It is one of the most breathtaking and fun rides and a seaplane excursion will have you excited for your whole trip.

4. Food has never been this fun

It should definitely be a priority to try the local cuisine when you are visiting some place new. It is a good way to connect to the region and its people. And once you try the local cuisine at Maldives, you would always want to keep coming back to this. Other than the local food, you have a whole lot of variety to choose from and the resorts offer the best cuisines from around the world. And your meals get even better from your bungalow. Have a floating tray right next to you as you swim around in the pool or even the ocean. Honestly, food has never been this fun as it is in Maldives.

5. Endless photo opportunities

With wonderful locations come wonderful photo opportunities. And what is a vacation these days without hundreds of photos to remember it by, when you get back home. You need that perfect shot to make your friends and family jealous on instagram. Maldives offers endless opportunities for that perfect photo. The sunsets from your overwater bungalow make the most beautiful backdrop. And the crystal clear waters of the sea are your perfect partner for the amazing romantic clicks. Make sure you take a waterproof camera with you and capture the beauty of the islands from underneath as you go snorkeling. When in Maldives, the opportunities for the perfect shot are endless and you do not want to miss out on any of them.

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