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Some common issues with Rockspace extender and solutions

Rockspace extender is well available in the market, it allows you to provide a full range accessibility in all over the house or building, If you are a youtube creator and usually upload videos. By being a creator you must need to choose a separate room for your use. Where none can disturb you so to make videos and collect data, You must need an high speed internet and reliable connection.

If you are frustrated by not getting proper network range in your house/office you can place a rockspace extender between your router. It will extend the network by boosting range, The setup process is also too easy to complete rockspace wifi extender setup need to type the IP address of your rockspace extender.

Can’t access Rockspace extender login page

If you will face this type of issue it can arise due to several reasons, make sure that the browser you are using is totally compatible and supported, and can check by trying any other browser. In the case if still facing the same issue can clear all the browsing history of your browser and retry access. If it does not work then check if the IP address is correct or not. Can also restart your extender by plugging your extender into an electrical outlet.

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Rockspace extender is not extending the network

If you are facing that kind of issue. It might be due to network interference by any other wireless device trying to place your router at any other place, and retry to join the network and check the signal strength. Make sure that your router wires are properly connected, If not then fix it by connecting all wires properly.

Rockspace extender keeps disconnecting

Some simple steps are available below in order to fix this issue. If you are facing this issue can interrupt your downloading, online streaming, playing games and many more activities –

Proper placement of extender

Be sure that your extender is adjust at the range of the router if not then it can cause poor internet connectivity, To fix this issue place your router in the range of extender and configure it properly.

Make sure your extender is connect with right wifi network

After completing the installation, Extender provides you an extended network.The name of that network might be different from your previous network. So by mistake you are trying to connect with a wrong wifi network. If you connect your device with any other wifi network then this issue can occur so be sure that you are connect with a right wifi network.

Power cycle your Rockspace extender

fact, a simple power cycle process can solve your issue. To power cycle here are some instructions below –

  • Switch off your rockspace extender by plugging out its main power adapter.
  • Disconnect all connected wires with your rockspace extender.
  • Wait for a while, Now replug your rockspace extender adaptor.
  • Power on your Rockspace extender.

After completed this process check working or not if still not solved some troubleshooting steps given below –

Update your extender firmware

If doing all the activities given is not solved. Then surely it might be caused by the not updated latest version. Therefore, update your Rockspace extender version, to perform this activity some steps are below –

  • During setup be sure that Rockspace extender power is “ON”.
  • Now connect your extender network with your computer or laptop by using wired or wireless.
  • After connecting, In any web browser type re.rockspace.local and search it. A new login portal will appear.
  • Simply click on the firmware update option.
  • If a new firmware version is available just follow the instructions that are available on the screen.


Rackspace extenders are one of the best to use in your house or offices, Some common issues can be faced by all kinds of extenders, You can easily fix this issue. Rackspace extenders provide 360° coverage for the home or offices. The setup process is also too easy. It will cover up to 1292 sq. ft with a high speed of 733 MBPS. Rackspace wifi extender is compatible to work with all types of routers. For security WPA or WPA2 security protocols are available. Just need to press the WPS button for easy setup.

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