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Home Technology 5 Best Ways For Improving The Speed Of Devolo Wifi repeater

5 Best Ways For Improving The Speed Of Devolo Wifi repeater

The devolo is a wireless wifi network device that provides stable wifi connectivity in the whole home. It is easily connected with the networking device. Generally, the devolo wifi repeater acts as a WiFi range extender and your entire home can now benefit from buffer-free browsing due to a boosted WiFi signal and increased network speed of an impressive 1200 Mbps. It extends your standard router signal in no time and abolishes the wifi dead zone in the corner of the home. Whether you are in pursuit of boosted WiFi strength to fully enjoy wifi signal in home office and make video calls, want to relax and stream a movie or are simply looking for interruption-free browsing in every room of your house, the devolo repeater is the perfect solution.

With the devolo wireless wifi repeater you can now stream and also surf wherever you want – extremely fast and without disconnections. The devolo wifi repeater setup is simple and done very quickly. This repeater easily connects the existing router and gives ultra-fast speed.

5 best ways for improving the wifi speed of devolo wifi repeater

The devolo provides stable wifi connectivity for long-distance areas. But sometimes its wifi speed is slow. If you want to improve the speed of devolo repeater device then follow some ways.

Use Multi user-MIMO technology

The first way to improve the wifi speed of the devolo device, you also use the MU-MIMO technology. In this technology, it handles more networking devices at a time. This means the devolo wifi repeater is a compatible networking device. If you use the mimo technology, you can easily improve the speed of the devolo repeater. Because this technology allows at a time to connect up to 20 networking devices and provides stable wifi connection without any buffering.

Select right place

If you want to improve the wifi signal of the devolo wifi repeater, you also need to select the right place. The devolo device must be placed in the ventilates, cool and airy area. The wifi repeater should not be placed in the hot area, by which you do not get better wifi speed. The best position of the wifi repeater is the center of the home. From which you also get stable wifi network connectivity in every corner of the home and now you steam and surf wherever you want.

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Setup the devolo wifi repeater in right manner

If you want to boost wifi speed in the devolo repeater device by which improve the wifi signal. You also need to setup the develop wifi repeater in the right manner. If you want to setup the repeater in the right manner then you can do it this way. Firstly, open the web browser of your device and type the IP address of the repeater. The devolo repeater IP address is and press enter. In a while a login page is displayed on the screen and now you fill the login details. After login the repeater, click the setup wizard section. Now, follow the onscreen instruction. You can easily change the password and frequency band. After these changes, also click “apply setting”. Now the setup devolo repeater is complete.

Switch to 5 GHz frequency band

The devolo wifi repeater has dual band, that means it supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. If you use 2.4 GHz band, and you also want to improve the speed of the devolo repeater. You can easily switch the 5 GHz frequency band. The 5 Ghz band is a higher frequency band, this band provides up to 867 mbps speed. By which you can also watch HD videos and play gaming consoles. If you switch the 5 GHz band, then go to the setting and select the wireless setting tab. Now, you can easily change the frequency band from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz.

Used the mesh wifi booster and access point

If you also want to improve the speed of the devolo wifi repeater, you can use the wifi booster and access point. The devolo device has two features by which you boost the wifi signal in the whole home. The devolo wifi booster boost and also increase the wifi speed, from which you can easily improve the repeater speed. The access point is a device that creates a wireless local network to expand the network range in the long distance area. You can easily use this feature to improve the devolo wifi speed.

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