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Home Reviews Why Hire a Web Design Agency is better than Freelancers?

Why Hire a Web Design Agency is better than Freelancers?

Freelancer or Web Design Agency India, which one is the best choice for a business in 2020? In search of the answer to this particular question, people must know about some essential factors.

Every business person desires to get the right place to build a perfect website. There are two options for developing a website. Develop by a freelancer or by a company go simultaneously. It is tough to say that freelancers are not guaranteed, and the agencies are founded firmly. Such clarification is too simple.

There are 2 millions freelancers in the UK at the pandemic time, according to IPSE (Independent Professionals and Self Employed) association. Fifty-seven million Americans are freelancing, according to CNBC. The Hindu Business Line says that the number of freelancers is increasing day-to-day in India during the pandemic period.

So, it would be an injustice to say that the works of such freelancers are not so worthy or valuable. Many freelancers have served gracefully to their clients. The high-quality service of such professionals makes them reputed in the market.

Now, the question is where the web development company India surpasses individual professionals?

Let’s look out three factors;

  1. Knowledge & Skill
  2. Support
  3. Legitimacy

Before digging deep into the factors, readers should know how to develop a website?

There is a step-by-step technical process of web building.

  1. Domain buying – the domain should be registered with the specific company’s name. The name must communicate the spirit of the business.
  2. Assigning host – every website must have a host. The job of the host is to create the site and opening up the accessibility for users.
  3. Content – the content must be prepared by following the objectives of the website. It is a creative work, so it needs a creative brain. Content decides the success of a business.
  4. Final touch – the complete outlook of the website has been created at the last step. This step needs proper synchronization of each previous step, and thus the final quality is being created.

So, the readers understood that website building is not the job of an individual. A website needs to be worked on various aspects. The website development can be compared with house construction as a house needs designer, founder, plumber, electrician, attorney, and many others to be built up, so a website needs many experts. Web Designer, Copywriter, SEO developer, Marketing Manager, Content Creator, and other people must have an effort for launching a quality website.

Knowledge and Skill: Website development has many aspects, as readers have read earlier. The use of advanced tools and techs, proper coding, quality SEO, and most compatible contents are the base of the job. There are some others also. This entire work is not the job of an individual.

A business is hiring an individual means that the company is watching one face. The freelancer is taking the contract, and he involves some others to finalize the work, or the individual is building the site and leaving SEO works and maintenance upon you.


The risk factor of such type of activity is the client is not aware of the capability of the individuals hired by the directly appointed person. While hiring a company is less risky, because a business is dealing with a web development agency after viewing their portfolio. The through observation on the portfolio includes knowledge, skills, services, and costs, past works, and customers’ feedback. Thus, verification becomes accessible and profound.

  1. Support:

A website requires various supports for the whole outlook. As the article said, web building depends on domain buying, hosting, designing, content creating, and SEO maintaining, therefore, the need for experts for every specific category is essential.

The web development agency gives the total packaged support to the clients. The customers need to brief the present situation and objective of the business. The company would control the rest.

Greater support:

The support segment has a technical part and a creative part. The creative aspect belongs to the more significant support category. In this segment, the ideas of contents, promotions, and website running methods are being explored.

Big companies always focus on understanding the business, market, and future possibilities. Every step of a website is being selected after detailed paperwork. The positive factor of choosing a company is its synchronized support. The entire project would be completed with acute planning and execution of an experienced team.

  1. Legitimacy:

Legitimacy replicates the authoritarian existence of a web design company India. Every company in every country throughout the globe can start accessing legally after the proper certificates and papers. A company without legal documents and licenses can not go far with business. The existence of documents of a company is comfortable with verifying. Stuffing the company registration number in the web pages is mandatory. Authenticity would be judged by exploring the registration number. This process would take a few minutes hardly.

The reputed companies add the details of the certificate, license, and rewards as well. A web developing agency with such a brief shall be recognized as a trustworthy agency. The customers can find a trace of the company during a need.

The negative side:

The freelancer services are far behind in the legitimacy segment. Few individuals are indeed in the market with proper registration and legal documents. Yet, the rough side is, getting such individuals are too strict. As per the trend, freelancers cannot be traced or verified easily. Freelance individuals with no legal documents and licenses are more in the market.


The trend shows that many businesses are selecting freelancers for saving costs. The article has briefed how risky it can be (in some cases). Although, there are few quality workers, the developing web kind of totalitarian work must be accomplished by an authority. The place that has experts of all segments of web developing and maintaining should opt for obtaining a goal of a business.

Softqubes Technologies are an authority with quality experts of all categories of web building. The teamwork of the web design agency India makes every project classy and user friendly.

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