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Home Health Cochlear Implant: A Hope of Sound Beyond Hearing Aids

Cochlear Implant: A Hope of Sound Beyond Hearing Aids

Hearing loss affects people of all ages, sex, and background. For those having mild to profound hearing loss, hearing aids are suggested to be the best treatment. But for those with severe hearing loss, a cochlear implant surgery in Delhi can benefit.

What are they?

A cochlear implant is a device that is surgically implanted behind the ear in the head. The device helps restore hearing for patients with significant sensorineural hearing loss.  The cochlea is a small shaped part present in the inner ear that supports hearing. Sensorineural hearing loss is a common problem today. It occurs because the sensory cells in the inner ear (refer to as hair cells) stop performing. It can be due to any single or multiple underlying causes like disease, accident, etc.

Cochlear implants surgery helps the patient to improve hearing. The device works by bypassing the sound from sensory hair cells directly stimulating the auditory nerve.

Are you the right candidate?

To determine if you can benefit from it you need to visit an Audiologist. An audiologist will test your ears to understand the condition of hearing. On the basis of the hearing result, your audiologist will decide if you will be able to benefit from a cochlear implant. However, both children and adults causing struggle to listen with hearing aids are likely to be the right candidate for the cochlear implant.

Then the audiologist will talk to the cochlear implant surgeon and recommend you to get the surgery done. A cochlear implant surgeon is a qualified practitioner who is experienced in ear, nose, throat, head and skull base surgeries.

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The benefit of a cochlear implant

  • Improve sound and voice tone
  • Improve communication and allows connecting with people
  • Allows us to live a better quality of life
  • Improve sounds listening in unfamiliar places
  • Restore hearing when hearing aids not working
  • Allow young children with early intervention and improve learning development

Hearing loss is a severe condition and cochlear implants are your best friend if you want to listen to sounds and connect with others.

Final Takeaway

If you are someone who uses hearing aids and finds you still fail to hear better, then you might consider a cochlear implant. Although, cochlear implant surgery is a surgical operation suitable for patients of all ages. For those with sensorial hearing loss, a cochlear implant is the best choice to restore hearing and experience sound like other people.

If you or your loved ones are struggling with hearing loss then check a cochlear implant clinic in Delhi to understand more if you can benefit from the treatment.

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