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Home Health Allergy or Sinus: How can an ENT Doctor help?

Allergy or Sinus: How can an ENT Doctor help?

Seasonal allergies, blocked nose, sore throat, sinus problem are common problems. For some, the symptoms are primarily a major sign of building up an infection in the body and require primary care doctors to seek help.

An ENT specialist is an ear, nose, and throat doctor. Also known as an otolaryngologist, an ENT doctor is an advanced medical practitioner who is trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions ranging from allergy, sinus, throat cancer, ENT deformities or etc.

In addition to this, an ENT hospital in Delhi offers the following service:

  • ENT doctors to diagnose and treat ear, nose and throat conditions
  • Neurologist for removal of skill-based tumours
  • Audiologist to diagnose hearing loss conditions
  • Ear surgeon for reconstructive surgery of the face and neck
  • Sleep specialist to surgical improve the problem of nose, tongue, and palate causing sleeping or snoring problems
  • A speech pathologist who helps in managing speech and swallowing disorders

There are several different types of symptoms that might suggest that you are in need to visit an ENT doctor. However, the problem is chronic and recorded, then you may require to visit the best allergy doctor in Delhi.

The benefit of ENT doctor:

If you experience any of these symptoms precisely for more than 10 days, talk to your ENT specialist. A referral usually is required if you have:

  • Sore throat
  • Chronic sinus
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Frequent headache
  • Vertigo or dizziness
  • Pain in jaw
  • Problem in balance
  • Recurring ear pain
  • The hearing problem
  • Ringing in the ea
  • Tinnitus
  • Tonsil or adenoid
  • Thyroid
  • Voice/speech problem

What to expect at the first appointment?

On the first appointment with an ENT specialist, your doctor will take a comprehensive medical history and ask questions related to the symptoms. Remember if you have any medical conditions then share the information with the doctor including the list of multivitamins and dietary intake you are taking.

Then the ENT doctor will perform a visual examination initially. Then the doctor will examine the head and neck area in order to understand the problem. This examination is performed using an otoscope to check the ear, nose, and throat. After diagnosing the condition, the doctor will share their results immediately and walk you through the findings.

In the later stage, your doctor may advise you to take another test to diagnose severe infection like endoscopy test, biopsy, and other imaging study test that are important in ENT medical science.

After the examination, the doctor will now prescribe the medication or will suggest alternative options for the treatment. An ENT doctor is the finest otolaryngologist professional who is a specialist in allergy and sinus problem. If you have any of the problems then seek immediate medical consultation.

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