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Home Entertainment David & Kyra Date In Front Of Dani – Hollywood Life

David & Kyra Date In Front Of Dani – Hollywood Life

David Barta and Kyra Green have a romantic date on the balcony in this EXCLUSIVE preview from the April 28 episode of Ex on the Beach. “This is cute,” Kyra tells David. “I’ve never actually dated a sexually fluid guy, so that’s new for me, in a way, too. Being a sexually fluid girl, that’s really cool for me, too. I’ve never been able to relate to one of my male partners like that. I genuinely do want to get to know you more.”

In a confessional, David gushes over how much he has in common with Kyra. “She’s pretty much the girl version of David,” he admits. Kyra also tells David that he makes her “nervous,” which is a new feeling for her. “I’m just going to take it day by day,” she says in a confessional. “If an ex pops up, depending on which ex it is, there’s definitely some that I still feel like theres some stuff I need to figure out.”

David Barta and Kyra Green on ‘Ex on the Beach.’ (MTV)

While she’s waiting to see if that happens, though, she and David push their beds together to cuddle after the date. Meanwhile, David’s ex, Dani Coco, is already in the house, and has to watch this all go down. “And that’s my cue to get the f*** out of here,” she says, heading to the living room. Even David has to admit that the situation is uncomfortable. “It’s awkward,” he admits. “This is awkward experience with having your ex and potential next sleeping within five feet of each other.”

dani coco
Dani Coco on ‘Ex on the Beach.’ (MTV)

In the living room, Dani vents to another housemate about the situation. “Like, do you have to make it uncomfortable or me where I can’t sleep in my own bed?” she complains. “It pisses me off!” She adds in a confessional, “I definitely get emotional because I feel like David and I are not only starting to have to take some time apart, but it’s hard for me to see David have a great connection with someone else.”

Ex on the Beach airs Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. on MTV.

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