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Types of Wheelchairs: Which One Is Right for You?

Do you have a medical condition that leaves you unable to walk? Do you have limited mobility? Whatever the case might be, there’s a wheelchair available for you.

With so many types of wheelchairs available, you must know which one is right for you. There are several factors to consider when looking to buy one.

Every wheelchair user has their own needs, so it’s important to consider them. Want to learn which wheelchair is best for you?

Read on to learn about the different types of wheelchairs.

Manual Wheelchairs

Let’s start with manual wheelchairs. This is a traditional type of wheelchair that lacks a motor. You must use your hands to power a manual wheelchair.

It takes good old-fashioned muscle power to use it. The user can propel it forward or backward. It also pivots.

This isn’t a good option for individuals who have issues with their upper body. Persons with issues that affect their arms or hands might have trouble using it.

Users might become fatigued after traveling long distances. Without help, it might be difficult to use.

Because it doesn’t use electricity, it’s more durable than an electric wheelchair. It’s also more affordable than its electric counterpart.

There are different types of manual wheelchairs. There’s a transport wheelchair and a folding one.

These also vary by weight. They range from ultra-lightweight to heavy-duty.

Manual wheelchairs are easy to use. They’re also easy to maintain and repair.

Powered Wheelchairs

Powered wheelchairs are electric and battery-operated. Users can operate it by using controls set on the side. Attendants can also operate it if the chair doesn’t have power.

One of the main benefits of a powered wheelchair is that it resolves the issue of fatigue. Users of this type of wheelchair can go further without having to take breaks to rest their arms or hands.

One can argue this is the best wheelchair for elderly persons who don’t have the strength to power it. Elderly persons will not need to worry about finding the energy to use the wheelchair.

There are some drawbacks to powered wheelchairs. These wheelchairs are heavier than manual wheelchairs. They’re also bulkier.

Their weight and size are due to the battery and motor. The range of a powered wheelchair varies. It depends on several factors like the chair weight and payload.

Do you need a powered wheelchair? You might be asking, “Is there a company that sells power wheelchairs near me?” Click on the link so you can know how to buy a wheelchair.

Pediatric Wheelchairs

Children who need a wheelchair can use a wheelchair made specifically for them. These wheelchairs often resemble a small version of an adult wheelchair. Under this category, you can find manual and powered wheelchairs.

Pediatric wheelchairs can be fitted to match the user’s needs. Some can be designed to accommodate specific movement disorders. The goal is for the users to have greater independence.

These wheelchairs are designed to help children quickly adjust to them. Children need to feel comfortable using the chair. Some pediatric wheelchairs manufacturers allow children to customize the color of their wheelchair.

Positioning Wheelchairs

Positioning wheelchairs allow users to maneuver into different positions. They can do so as they sit in the wheelchair.

Most of these wheelchairs are electric and battery-powered. This powers its mobility as well as positioning.

These types of wheelchairs vary by type and style. Some can recline backward. These allow the user to position the chair in a laying down position.

Some positioning wheelchairs can raise and lower the user’s feet and legs. Certain positioning wheelchairs combine all these features.

Positioning wheelchairs offer several health benefits. These wheelchairs can move the user’s body into different positions.

By better positioning themselves, users can improve their circulation. This helps to prevent ulcers and sores by reducing pressure on the skin.

Sports Wheelchairs

Wheelchair users don’t have to limit themselves to an inactive lifestyle. Sports wheelchairs are designed for specific sports. There are wheelchairs for basketball, tennis, and other sports.

Wheelchairs made for playing sports are made of ultra-lightweight metal. They have the latest technology that allows them to move fast.

There’s no need to worry about damaging the wheels. The wheels can withstand high rates of speed and pressure.

A person who wants to play basketball will need a basketball wheelchair. It has a slanted outward wheel design. This feature helps the user maintain balance as well as improve the ability to move the upper body more.

Standing Wheelchairs

There’s such a thing as a standing wheelchair. This type of wheelchair allows the user to move from a sitting position into a standing position. The user can move safely.

Most standing wheelchairs are powered by electricity. Users can stand at will. They can stand to reach items and do chores.

By standing, users can interact eye-to-eye in social settings. This is a major benefit as it empowers wheelchair users.

All-Terrain Wheelchairs

For persons who need to move about off-road paths, there are all-terrain wheelchairs. These wheelchairs are great for any type of terrain. The beach and grass are no match for them.

All-terrain wheelchairs have the technology that helps them traverse uneven ground. With large wheels and extra suspension, these wheelchairs are heavy-duty.

These Are Some of the Most Common Types of Wheelchairs

Are you looking for a wheelchair that meets your needs? These are some of the types of wheelchairs available. Whatever your need is, you can find one that will help you move about.

Make sure to explore the rest of our blog to continue reading more great articles.

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