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Home Electronics What Kind Of Motor Is Applied In Electric Motorcycles?

What Kind Of Motor Is Applied In Electric Motorcycles?

What kind of motor is the motor of an electric car?

There are various types of motors. It is used for multiple purposes from slight to large, such as small motors mounted on Mini 4WD, electric motorcycles, cooling fans with built-in equipment, electric fans, electric parts of hybrid cars, railway trains, etc. increase.

With such a wide range of purposes, the performance and types required for motors vary. The “AC synchronous motor” can find in the specifications table for hybrid cars, electric vehicles, and electric motorcycles. Since it installs in vehicles that are sensitive to fuel consumption (electricity cost), it can imagine as a motor with excellent power saving, but what kind of motor is it?

Motor without brush

Motors generally consist of two parts: non-rotating parts (stator) and rotating parts (rotor).

In general direct current (DC) motors such as Mini 4WD, a permanent magnet fix to the stator, and the rotor has a coil that becomes an electromagnet. Therefore, we need a mechanism to supply electricity to the rotor and continuously change the direction of the magnetic force according to the rotation, which is necessary for the rotational movement. Its role is the commutator, and the metal brush rotates while in contact with the commutator. Learn more about 3d drawing.

Speaking of cars and motorcycles equipped with an internal combustion engine, the starter motor is just a DC motor. Even though it only rotates for a moment when the engine starts, maintenance such as brush replacement is required if you ride for a long time. That is well known.

On the other hand, if AC use as the power source, the rotating rotor can be a permanent magnet. The stator can be a coil, making it possible to create rotational motion without using a consumable brush. However, the amount of revolutions depends on the alternating current frequency, making it difficult to control the rotation direction.

Therefore, if you create an alternating current according to the required rotation with an electronic circuit, rotate the alternating current motor. You can make a motor that does not have a brush and can change the rotation speed widely from stop to high-speed rotation.

That is the “AC synchronous motor” used in electric motorcycles and electric vehicles.

Motors for electric motorcycles that pursue further efficiency

There are different AC motors, but synchronous motors installed in electric bikes and electric vehicles use sensors to grasp the state of rotation and create AC that precisely changes the current in synchronization with the process. It has a mechanism to turn it without waste.

If it turns without waste, heat generation and power consumption can suppress, and since it generates less heat, a sealed structure makes it more resistant to running in the rain and reduces maintenance work. Indeed, it is a motor suitable for electric cars and motorcycles.

In addition, two-wheeled vehicles, which are smaller than four-wheeled vehicles, have many space restrictions, are compact and have high output, can handle a wide speed range, and have a long life. It can say that the structure is oriented.

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