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All you need to know about Convertible Refrigerators

Technology has changed all the appliances that we use in our daily lives. Refrigerators are not an exception as well. The biggest challenge for the companies, however, is to design a refrigerator in order to meet the varying needs of the people. The new step in the evolution of refrigerators is thus the convertible refrigerators. As the name suggests, the convertible refrigerator can convert its functionalities and serve you efficiently according to your needs. In fact, it can turn into the best single door refrigerator or a double door variant as per the requirement. 

Convertible Refrigerator: What is it?

In the modern world, every one of us is busy with our daily lives. So, a fridge plays an important role. You can stock up weeks worth of groceries, vegetables, fruits, prepared foods and frozen items to save valuable time. However, even with the best double door refrigerator, you can face space crunch. That’s where the convertible refrigerators come in. The convertible refrigerators can make up for the extra space that you need. Depending on the situation, the freezer can turn into a fridge thereby allowing you to store more items. You can also turn it back into the freezer when you need to store frozen goods. Thus, it provides you with the versatility to use the refrigerator the way you wish. 

How do they work?

The design of the convertible refrigerators is unique, to say the least. They feature separate fans and evaporators for the fridge as well as the freezer. This simple design change allows the refrigerator to independently control the temperature of both compartments. Therefore, it becomes very easy to convert the freezer into the fridge when extra storage space is necessary. Furthermore, the freezer can turn into a fridge and back into a freezer with the push of a button. So, there is no complicated mechanism that you need to go through which further makes it very easy to use a convertible fridge. 

Advantages of Convertible Refrigerator:

● Large Storage Space:

This is undoubtedly the biggest perk of having a convertible refrigerator. Since the freezer can convert into a normal fridge, it provides you with extra storage space. Moreover, the convertible refrigerators comes with large and spacious shelves. Thus, storing food items and drinks become much easier. 

● Highly Energy Efficient:

Since these products make use of two sets of fans and evaporators, the energy wastage is reduced to a bare minimum. If you are using it in a double door mode, the freezer is maintained within a temperature range of -15°C to -23°C. On the other hand, the fridge is maintained at a temperature of 2°C to 5°C. However, when the freezer converts, the whole fridge is maintained at a temperature of 2° to 5° C. Therefore, there is barely any power loss which increases the energy efficiency greatly. 

● Comes with different modes:

The Convertible Refrigerators are incredibly smart and they come with different modes to fulfil all your needs. You can choose the mode as per your requirement which changes the refrigeration capacity, power consumption and temperature of the refrigerator accordingly. So, with these modes, you can always get the desired results. 

Refrigeration technology is evolving rapidly with the passage of time. Convertible refrigerators are the fruits of this rapid technological evolution. These products are smart and convenient to use. So, they are certainly a perfect choice for every modern family. 

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