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Paint Protection For Your Car – Know About the Xpel Ultimate Plus

Xpel’s new Ultimate Plus Paint Protection film combines clarity and best-in-class protection not typically found in today’s marketplace. With its low visible surface energy, Xpel Ultimate Plus effectively sheds pollutants that would otherwise stains or yellow standard paint films. By providing superior protection to painted surfaces it allows for greater adhesion to bare wood, metal and even concrete.

Xpel’s newest creation incorporates a unique three-layer protection system. The bottom layer is specially formulated to provide excellent protection against acids, moisture and grease. The top layer of the film contains a second layer specifically formulated to provide high levels of invisible protection from ultraviolet light. Finally, a middle layer helps reduce film reflection and provides additional protection from wind, sun and dust. The result is a clear, full front bumper that effectively protects against all impacts.

For added safety, Xpel uses a two-step process to ensure the paint on your vehicle is protected. After the paint is applied, a fiberglass hood guard is attached. This provides maximum safety by preventing paint chips caused by collisions and extreme heat. The next step includes a self-adhesive Polyurethane coating over the fiberglass hood. This thick, self-adhesive layer works with the paint to form a one-piece hood that locks into place.

Along with its remarkable paint protection film abilities, Xpel Ultimate Plus also offers unmatched ease of use. The self-adhesive polyurethane coating easily peels away from the previous coating while leaving a fresh, clean surface. It’s simple to remove and reattach the film if needed, making it an easy maintenance solution. Self-adhesive film does not swell up or become misshapen when heated. The film is also durable against impact and it will not fade in the sunlight like some older films. For these reasons, Xpel Ultimate Plus has proven to be an excellent solution for protecting a vehicle’s finish.

One of the best features about the new clear coat is that it boasts a low surface energy level. Low surface energy helps prevent chipping and cracking, even on the most aggressive types of paints. When the light hits the paint, it reflects off the film, which helps reduce the amount of heat that’s absorbed. This film is so thin that it effectively absorbs and refrains from scratching, denting, peeling or burning. With low surface energy levels, this paint-protection film is one of the least expensive, if not the least expensive, exterior film available on the market today.

Another amazing feature of Xpel Ultimate Plus is that it’s designed to meet U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) certification for collision and impact protection. This means that Xpel Ultimate Plus can provide your vehicle with the best crash protection available, as well as long-term reliable protection that’s easy to maintain. Since the paint-protection film is designed to meet the toughest standards of DOT, you can rest assured that it will remain looking good for many years to come. If you need a cheap and effective way to protect your vehicle from inexpensive and nongress accident damage, consider the use of this inexpensive but effective film.

Another benefit of this low cost, high quality Xpel Ultimate Plus product is that it comes in a variety of self-adhesive designs that allow it to be applied quickly and easily. This reduces the time required for application, which will help you save both time and money when it comes to maintenance and upkeep. In addition to offering the best paint protection films, this product also boasts an easy to use and adjustability system. If you need to make minor adjustments to the performance, this is an important benefit that you won’t find with many other products on the market.

While many of the self-adhesive products on the market today have been designed to be attractive yet relatively ineffective at providing the ultimate level of protection, the Xpel Ultimate Plus line boasts a clear coat that will not peel away easily, and a clear coating that will remain intact even after it has been applied several times. When you choose an aftermarket sprayer, you want one that will provide you with the ultimate level of functionality and reliability for the amount of money that you spend. You don’t want to waste your money on a sprayer that will not work the way that you need it to. Fortunately, the Xpel Ultimate Plus line of paints is an excellent alternative when it comes to value for money when it comes to protection for your car.

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