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Long Distance Moving Companies and Storage Options for You

Your boss has asked you to make a huge change. They want you to move across the country to work at one of the sister locations.

Of course, they made all the trouble you’ll go through to pack your things and hire movers worth it. The relocation comes with a promotion.

The only problem you’re having is finding long distance moving companies and storage solutions. There aren’t a lot of businesses that have the tools and expertise necessary to safely get your things where you need them to go.

We can help you weigh the options you do have and find the right company for the job. Check out this guide to learn more.

Service Area

The first thing you need to consider is a company’s service area. Long-distance moving is a lot of work. That’s why there aren’t a lot of businesses that offer the service.

Most companies have a search feature on their site where you can put in where you intend to move. From there, the website will let you know if the business can transport your belongings to the location.

Search for Their License

Every moving company has to have a license from the Department of Transportation. After receiving their license, they’re given a DOT number.

It’s a number that anyone can search for by heading to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration online database.

On top of having a license, every moving company needs to have liability coverage. This way, if one of your family heirlooms breaks during the move, they’ll be held accountable.

Get a Quote

When you hire a local company for moving homes, they can often give you a simple quote right there on the phone. A lot of them charge flat-rate fees.

Long-distance moving companies and storage are a bit different. There are a lot of factors that they have to consider before they can give you a quote.

It’s going to be based on how far you plan to stretch their service area and how many rooms worth of stuff you’re moving.

Easy Relocation has a box where you can put in all the details of your move, so they can give you an accurate quote.

We also recommend getting several estimates. Doing so will allow you to make price comparisons and get the best deal.

Transporting Your Car

You’re going to be moving more than your fine China and furniture. Your vehicle has to make it to your new place as well.

Of course, you might be capable of driving your car across the country, but that’s tiring. It would be better if you could just take a plane.

That’s where the moving company comes in. Hire a business that has the equipment to transport your car.

Finding the Best Long Distance Moving Companies and Storage Solutions

If you want to have a smooth relocation, you need to find the best long distance moving companies and storage solutions. Nothing will make a move go south quite like hiring a company that doesn’t have the right credentials.

Moving long-distance can be expensive. You don’t want to spend even more money hiring a subpar company to handle your fragile items.

For more tips that will help you with your relocation, visit the Lifestyle section of our blog.

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