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How to Report a Reckless Driver

Over the last couple of years, deaths by reckless driving have been increasing steadily. In the first half of 2021, car accidents caused the deaths of over 20 thousand people. That is an 18.4 percent increase from the previous year.

How do we prevent these accidents from happening? You have the power to report a reckless driver to the authorities. Continue reading to learn more about reckless driving tips and how you can hold reckless drivers accountable.

Assess the Situation

When you have concerns about a driver on the road, you need to assess the situation. Are they a potential threat to other drivers? Are they breaking the laws?

Reckless driving looks like excessive serving, drifting between lanes, tailgating, and not driving the speed limit. You should report these traffic violations to the authorities. You can learn more about reckless driving from online resources.

Make Notes About the Reckless Driver

Make notes about the features of the vehicle. Some examples are the color, model, and make. If you are able, try to get the license plate number of the reckless driver. At least try to get the state of the license plate.

Some other helpful notes are to get descriptions of the driver. Physical characteristics such as skin color, hair, and sex are what you should make notes about.  This will help authorities identify the driver.

You can also make notes about the location of where the reckless driving is taking place. The location may help authorities use traffic cameras to identify the driver.

Collect Evidence

If you are able, try to collect physical evidence of the reckless driving. Evidence may be taking pictures or videos of the vehicle.

Remember, only collect evidence of the vehicle if it is safe. If you have a passenger, have them collect the evidence so you remain distraction-free.

If you want to report reckless drivers regularly, invest in a dashboard camera. The dashboard camera will allow you to collect evidence of the reckless driver safely. Also, you will not miss a moment of the actions occurring on the road.

Report a Reckless Driver to Authorities

After you have collected all the necessary information, it’s time to report the reckless driver to the authorities. There are a few ways you can report recklessness.

You can call the cops right from your vehicle if it’s safe or have the passenger call. You can also pull over and make a report of the incident. Another way is to report the reckless driving incident online.

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We hope you enjoyed learning about how to report a reckless driver. These reckless driving tips will help keep you and others safe.

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