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Disney World: Pro Vacation Group shares 6 tips for exploring the magical kingdom

When Pro Vacation Group dishes out travel tips, its clients are all (mouse) ears.

This is especially true when it comes to exploring Disney World. A visit to the magical kingdom is far from relaxing. It’s less about soaking up the sun and more about storming the park, cramming in as many rides and attractions as possible. By the time you head home, you’re left needing a vacation from your vacation.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. When it comes to planning a Disney getaway, there’s no such thing as having too much information. Enter Pro Vacation Group. Located in Orlando, FL, the travel agency has all the insider knowledge to ensure a trip of a lifetime.

As the iconic park kicks off its 50th anniversary celebration, it’s the perfect time to visit. Pro Vacation Group offers six tips to make sure you’re prepared.

Research resorts

Not all resorts are created equal. Although they offer similar access, each hotel has its own charm, flare, and overall vibe. Consider staying off-property too. Research available options and weigh the advantages of each.

Choose dates wisely

Timing is everything. Picking the right time to visit may be the difference between a 10-minute or an hour wait. Holidays and summer vacations are the most crowded. Winter months, like January or February, are ideal. Schedule a trip when school is in session, and avoid three-day weekends.

Pack a park bag

Bring along the essentials. This will save you money. Pack sunscreen, water bottles, umbrellas, and ponchos. These items can be costly if you have to purchase them at the park. Selecting a bag made from waterproof material can be critical too. Rain seems to pop out of nowhere to dampen your visit.

Buy it now

Certain merchandise is only available at designated shops. Also, some souvenirs sell out quickly. The odds of circling back for something later are minimal. It’s best to buy it and just return it later if you change your mind. Pro tip: Ditch the autograph book. Pro Vacation Group encourages you to bring along a photo mat instead. Characters can sign this and you can frame it with a photo later.

Make reservations

Long lines for food are the quickest way to escalate your mood to “hangry.” Plan ahead by booking reservations before you even leave home. Mobile ordering is also an option. This can make the whole process much quicker.

Check wait times

You won’t want to wait for rides either. Not only can you check wait time online or posted at the park, but you can book ahead of time too. Disney recently launched its Genie+ and Lightning Lane services. For additional costs, users can skip regular lines entirely. Pro Vacation Group believes this may be a worthwhile investment if you’re traveling with small children.

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