Amazing places to visit in Dubai

visit in Dubai

When you think about all the amazing destinations that would give you some memorable travel experiences, Dubai would surely come to your mind. Besides all those inspirational structures that have been constructed across the city over the years, there are many luxurious malls in the city that are home to several retail outlets from the world’s leading brands. In addition to all those modern shops, you’ll also come across some exceptional indoor theme parks and marvelous cultural attractions. It’s recommended to visit prominent shopping malls for your day in this gorgeous Emirati City. Delta airlines flight booking.

Desert Safari Tour

Spend a cozy night near a bonfire and gaze at the starry sky. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it? Sign up for a desert safari tour for the ultimate romantic experience. Enjoy the range of adventure activities in the desert such as dune bashing, sandboarding, and quad biking. Enjoy inspirational performances like the fire show, Belly dancing, and the Tanura dance show. Enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner including loads of Arabic Cuisines

Hot Air Balloon

There is something magical about viewing the dazzling golden sands of Dubai from above. Book a hot air balloon ride and fly 3000 feet above sea level at sunrise. Hold the hands of your loved one while you witness the brilliant ball of fire rising from the horizon with the majestic Hajjar mountains forming a breathtaking backdrop. You can even spot gazelles, camels, and oryx if you are lucky. Savor a delectable breakfast after your ride.

Dubai Mall

Among them is undoubtedly The Dubai Mall. The savings on the cost-effective airfare to Dubai during your trip to this beautiful mall will undoubtedly be helpful. It’s the biggest mall in Dubai where anybody can find something interesting. If you are in town with the whole family, including the children, you may all enjoy exploring its best indoor entertainment options. The Dubai Aquarium, an Ice Skating Olympic rink, and an underground zoo are among them. This mall has over a thousand retail establishments, including prominent brands such as Zara and Topshop.

Palm Jumeirah

You will find a great combination of Middle Eastern architecture and Europe’s street-shopping experiences while visiting City Walk. This unique outdoor shopping center is located between Downtown and Jumeirah Beach. There are also some amazing scenes of the Burj Khalifa. In this location with its London-style streets and wide squares, you will certainly have some great shopping experiences. They are packed with some elegant designer shops and a variety of entertainment options. With some excellent Michelin-starred food experiences you can also spread your taste buds.

Mall of Emirates and Ski Dubai

Mall of the Emirates is located just close to the residential area of Al Barsha, which gives you marvelous shopping experiences with some great entertainment. If you’ve got kids accompanying you on your holiday in the city, they’ll have a wonderful time at an indoor entertainment center for children called Magic Planet. Ski Dubai is another wonderful area to enjoy this mall throughout your vacation. There is also an Apple shop, VOX cinemas, and the magnificent Fashion Dome in this huge Mall.

Amazing Skyscrapers

Would you consider that one of each four skyscrapers inside the world is located in Dubai? The city has around 25% of the cranes which can be used to construct huge homes within the international. Several visitors who excursion Dubai enjoy watching those fantastic huge structures and sky capers.

Dhow Cruise Dinner

Nothing can be compared to a romantic candlelight dinner while cruising on the Dubai Marina. Sign up for a dhow cruise dinner in marina and enjoy a relaxed evening with your special someone. Enjoy the two-hour cruise with an array of live entertainment, exciting activities, and an amazing buffet dinner. Go to the deck and witness the glittering skyline of the city pass by. It is the ideal way to enjoy your evening.

Miracles Gardens

Dubai Miracle Garden is a gorgeous paradise with over a million flowers in full bloom. A trip here will transport you to your wonderland. Wander through the maze of flowery pathways with your loved one and soak in the sheer beauty of this place. Click pictures and selfies against the splendid displays of landmarks, and everyday objects made with colorful flowering plants. You are going to cherish these memories forever.


Dubai is such a magnificent city with distinctive scenery and many attractions. It’s cooler between October and March, so schedule your holidays around this season. You can enjoy all the romantic outdoor activities and escape the blistering heat of the city. So, the next time you are in Dubai, enjoy the romance in the air.

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