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How good is kayaking for you

Kayaking is a great exercise and it has several health  benefits. It gives you an intimate view that immerses you in  nature. Kayaking can be done as a hobby, a competitive water  sport or as fun activity on holidays. Kayaking is a low impact  activity that improves your aerobic fitness,strength and  flexibility. Kayaking can be peaceful and meditative if done in  right place and weather.Some of the health benefits of  kayaking are as follows 

Kayaking helps you to lose weight  

People who wish to lose weight can go for kayaking.  Kayaking for an hour happily helps you burn around 400  calories. It is more beneficial weight loss excersice as  compared to jogging. Infact it is regarded as one of the best  weight loss excersice as it helps you burn more calories in less  time. So people who want to lose their fat in short time can go  for kayaking. 

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Kayaking gives a good cardio workout  

Cardiovascular workout is an important workout as it helps to  keep your heart healthy. In order to get healthy heart, you  must keep it engage. Lack of heart exercise can weaken your  heart and a weak heart can of course be more prone to  complications. Some of the popular cardio exercise include  jogging, swimming,running on treadmill and kayaking. However kayaking can be regarded as the best choice.  Kayaking can surely give you a good cardio workout.  Continous movement of kayak raises the heart rate and 

improves cardiovascular health. It is most interesting heart  exercise as kayaking on a river is more fun than simply  running on a treadmill. 

Kayaking helps you strengthen your lats 

You must workout your muscles to be stronger. Kayaking  helps you to strengthen your muscles and helps you get toned  body. The muscles group that benefits most from kayaking are  definitely your lower back muscles or lats. To make your lats  workout more effective, consider varying the speed if your  rowing. You need to apply constant pressure with your legs to  maintain balance and to be stable while paddling. This helps  you increase and improve your lower body strength. After  several kayaking trips, you will definitely have a strong lower  back. It also helps you to get toned legs as pressure applied by  legs allows turning and balancing of kayak. The constant  contraction of the leg muscles thus helps to increase its  strength.  

Kayaking can help you get rid of stress 

Stress is something which is experienced by almost everyone  of us in our day to day life . It basically affects young and old  people . People may get prone to stress for one reason or  other. Kayaking is therefore a good remedy for high level  stress as it is relaxing and enjoyable.  

Good excersice for consuming vitamin D 

Kayaking helps you to intake vitamin D which is one of the  most important vitamin required for your body. It helps to  regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in body. These  nutrients are needed to keep bones,teeth and muscles healthy. 

Your body produces vitamin D naturally when it is directly  exposed to sunlight. So kayaking being an outdoor activity  helps your body to absorb sunlight . 

Kayaking helps you gain confidence  

Kayaking helps you to gain confidence as paddling for more  hours than the previous time helps you built positive self  image . Moreover overcoming extreme water challenges while  paddling and maintaining a balance helps you to gain  confidence and interest in this sport. 

Kayaking helps boost mental health  

Aerobic exercises trigger your brain to produce chemicals  which helps in improving your mood. If you are feeling low  or stressed you can go for paddling a kayak. Spending some  time in water under open sky can no doubt be an enjoyable  experience. Moreover it helps in producing good hormones  which can ultimately boost your mental health and make you  feel relaxed. 

Is kayaking easy for beginners  

Kayaking is an interesting sport and is very easy to learn for  the beginners. It is very easy to start and within few hours you  will find yourself paddling around happily. All you need to  keep in mind before beginning this sport are some of the  safety tips. They are as follows 

Get some kayaking lesson  

Kayaking is no doubt an easy water sport but taking some  kayaking lessons can help you to learn fast. If you begin this  sport without taking kayaking lesson, you might find yourself 

moving in circular motion in water for first few hours. This  can waste your time so it is far better to get some kayaking  lessons before . Moreover kayaking lessons are not very  expensive. 

Dress for water not for weather  

For kayaking you should always make sure you dress up  according to water and not according to air temperature. For  example you might be tempted to wear shorts and t shirts on  warm day while kayaking but the water temperature may be  icy cold. But in case you fall in water while kayaking you will  be glad you wore a wetsuit and kayaking gloves. So you  should always be prepared according to water temperature.  

Always wear Buoyancy aid 

It is mandatory for every kayaker to wear buoyancy aid  whether you are a beginner in paddling or an experienced  kayaker. These aids are similar to life jackets but allow more  movement near arms and neck which make them more suited  for kayaking. These aids are usually provided to kayakers by  kayaking schools but if you go for kayaking alone you should  definitely buy it from any watersports centre.  

How dangerous is kayaking  

Kayaking is an outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by elder  people depending upon their fitness and capacity of paddling.  Since it is a water sport, there are chances of people getting  injured. However such cases are observed basically when  kayakers lack proper kayaking equipment and skill. Some  injuries caused while kayaking includes sprain in shoulders or  injuries in wrist. Other possible injuries are possible in case 

you fall in water. Falling into cold water without wearing a  wet suit can cause hypothermia, a sudden decrease in body  temperature. Other risks include drowning in water , which is  very common with any water based activity. So it is better to  make sure that your preparation and skills are adequate before  going for kayaking in order to avoid such injuries.  

Is it easier to kayak or canoe 

Kayaking and canoeing are two of the most important water  sports popular since ages. While the two sports may appear  similar, there are some difference which make each of them  suited to different environments and uses. 

Canoe is an all purpose minivan or SUV whereas kayak is a  sexy two car. Canoes are bigger and heavier and are designed  for more than two people whereas kayaks are small and  designed specifically for two people. Because of its large size  and open top design, climbing abroad a canoe is generally  easier than getting in and out of kayak. A kayaker is  essentially confined to a cockpit whereas a canoe paddle can  move about at its will. A canoe is more stable than kayak , but  kayaks are faster and easier to move. 

Thus we can conclude that kayaking is easier than canoeing  because kayaks are light weight and easily mobile.

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