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Web Designer or Website Template – What’s Best for a Website?

How easy life would be if we were all allowed to do our own thing with no ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ attached. But making meaningful life decisions requires a lot of consideration, and going ahead with just our instinct might not be the smartest thing to do. This could be a life-altering tip, especially in business where you often have to choose between two or more available options. One such critical choice that a modern-day businessman faces is which one would work better – web designer vs website template.

Whether you finalise a custom website design or templates, the online market is flooded with ample of options to choose from. Every day, hundreds of professionals take the help of several website building platforms online to create a nice website for improving the digital presence of their business – all they need to do is make some minor tweaks. But if selecting from an already available online template was such a good catch, why would so many entrepreneurs still go after hiring a dedicated website designer?

Well, the biggest reason for choosing a custom design over a template would be that it is specifically developed for your brand, and wouldn’t resemble other website designs in the market. In fact, a big section of these website owners chooses to hire dedicated web designers in India for getting the website of their dreams in less than half of the cost. Let’s find out some good things about each of these options, so that you could make an informed decision!

Why Templates?

  • Budget-Friendly

Being easy on the pocket is probably the most prominent reason why website owners usually go for templates. They don’t need to pay even a cent to develop a basic website using free website building platforms online. And even if these platforms are not free, their template costs are very affordable.

  • Saves Time

During the dilemma of choosing between web designer vs website template, many website owners also choose templates because of their user-friendly nature. This means that building a website using templates can help you save both time and effort. They are easy and quick to use even for people with a non-technical background.

  • Variety

It’s not that there is no customization option whatsoever, available with templates. There’s a variety of options to choose from in terms of features like web element placement, fonts and colour themes. You can choose the ones that best resonate with your brand.

Why Custom Design?

  • Custom Fit

While laying out a brief for their ideal website, most entrepreneurs put forward a lot of suggestions. If you are struggling with the dilemma of choosing between a web designer vs website template, remember that templates don’t give you the freedom to choose a design that best suits your taste. However, if you hire dedicated website designers, they’ll employ proper time to understand about your brand on a fundamental level. They are adept at specifically highlighting the uniqueness and USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) of your business within a captivating website design.

  • Fresh Idea

All webmasters aspire for a fresh design that can perfectly fit their brand, and create maximum impact in the very first look. Achieving this goal could be very difficult while working with templates as they feature already-made designs that might never be able to communicate your brand message in a unique way. But if you hire an experienced website designer, you would be able to create a design that’s never been seen before, and that too, within your planned website launch timeline.

  • Easy Editing

Most of the times, a website has to go through a lot of changes to suit the growing needs of the business. While considering to choose a custom website design or templates, going ahead with the former option enables you to edit your website design, as and when you please.

Wrapping Up

So, we can conclude that using templates has a lot of benefits, but it’s better to create a personalised website design if you want to create a better first impression. To try out this option without burning a hole in your pocket, you can even hire dedicated web designers in India like many other successful webmasters.

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