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Three SEO management tips for non-SEOs

Plan and achieve SEO goals with OKRs (Objectives and key results)

At the basis of any strategy there is always the programming of the objectives to be achieved. In NYC SEO more than ever, especially if managed by a team, planning is essential to always have the point of the situation.

In this case, the Objectives and Key Result or OKR are fundamental, so much so that Google itself, for example, uses them in business management.

OKRs are used to target the work of SEO, dividing the whole process into specific objectives to be achieved.

The classic measurable objectives are called smart, but you can create as many as you want, planning them over time, which are generally set every three months, so as to check at least four times a year.

The time of three months is a minimum time, often not enough to see your SEO efforts realized, but they are an excellent starting point to carry out a review process together with the client, his team or with other stakeholders.

Some examples of OKR for SEO

  1. Drive the company’s data-driven content strategy.
  2. Run multilingual back link campaigns (English and second language) to increase Google’s authority.
  3. Lead the national SEO strategy to test non-British lead generation markets.
  4. Building a solid foundation for SEO success by improving the structure of the website.

In addition to basic cardinal principles, there are also more advanced OKRs such as:

  1. Increase online visibility to increase organic traffic.
  2. Increase exponentially the overall company turnover, working with the leads acquired with organic traffic.
  3. Exponentially increase lead acquisition on a weekly basis.

The important thing is to always remember that a goal is considered achieved when all the key results are achieved.

For simplicity, we could identify some key results in:

  1. Organic traffic growth of X per cent on a user Y / month basis.
  2. Increased ranking for selected keywords.
  3. Increased organic visibility for target keywords by X percent.
  4. Plan X strategy of topic back links related to guest posts.
  5. Solve all the X technical problems identified with SEO and website audits.
  6. Create X amount of SEO-driven content per month.
  7. Improve unique content metrics by reviewing and merging duplicate and common content.
  8. Improve the loading speed of the entire site and / or page from X seconds to Y seconds from both desktop and mobile.

For those interested in deepening the subject of SEO marketing examples .

At this point it is necessary to put all the data identified black and white by going to record them even in a simple spreadsheet so as to simplify the SEO tasks.

Another aspect not to be underestimated absolutely are the key results that cover more than just leads and revenues. They have always been particularly important in SEO and content marketing, if only because the more time you spend to reach them the slower the SEO strategy.

It is well understood that when the keywords on which an SEO strategy has focused will reach the top positions, company turnover will start to move.

We all know well that it is almost always the first three results on the first page of the search engines that feed most of the organic traffic and once this goal is reached, we will certainly begin to see the first substantial changes.

Once the goals are set, it will be necessary to constantly monitor, in addition to the organic traffic, the conversions and the revenues going to measure and understand the progress to see if we are moving in the right direction and if our initiatives support our goals.

This is why to best enhance an NYC SEO strategy you must always integrate the key results with the main nyc SEO metrics: backlink profile growth, reference domains, domain authority / rating.

At this point one question must always be asked: are we generating results? If yes, we must continue on the path taken, if instead the answer is negative, we must improve the key results.

Find and resolve gaps in SEO

Often those who do not practice SEO have difficulty understanding where to start: site health and care, backlink profile, organic traffic are just words that are difficult to understand.

However, we can say that organic traffic, that is all traffic that comes from a search done on search engines, in order for it to work and bring results, must satisfy three main components:

Technical infrastructure: a website must always allow search engines, Google first of all, to crawl and correctly understand the entire site (codes and content).

Relevance of content: whoever searches on an engine inserts words and phrases. Here is the importance of the content that must not only be correct, but must be relevant and relevant for the website where it is published

Authority through backlinks: a website that is linked, mentioned or mentioned by other websites is a site that has value in the eyes of search engines. The more the backlinks arrive from websites in the same sector and from authoritative sites, the more the authority will be “transmitted” to the linked site.

But first of all we need to understand, as we said, where the gaps can be, the SEO gaps to be fixed, so as to put the website “healthy” and improve the ranking. Some questions we could ask ourselves could be:

  1. Is the website slow and needs to be optimized for uploading to the web?
  2. Have you created relevant content that meets your needs?
  3. Are the websites linking the site niche? Are they relevant? Are they authoritative on the subject?

The main thing to understand is that there are rules to be respected but the interpretation and planning of a strategy changes from case to case:

Some nyc SEO company and digital marketing professionals focus on links, others on content. There is no magic formula, but certainly optimizing all three of the SEO building blocks mentioned above is essential.

A mental pattern that generally works would be to answer questions such as: what was the most focused on in 2019? What factors may have been overlooked? What factors contributed to the greatest success?

When we say that the practice is very different from the theory we say it because as a general rule, principles such as:

  1. Particularly content-rich sites like old ones with thousands of pages often focus more on technical SEO, content indexing, crawl budgets and backlinks.
  2. Start-ups and small websites, on the other hand, may focus on creating content based on keyword optimization, site structure and backlink creation.

Plan SEO team meetings

Whether you manage an internal team or rely on an external nyc  SEO services, it may be useful to rely on the principles of the book “Traction and the EOS” (entrepreneurial operating system) for programming a meeting framework .

Meeting frameworks help translate OKR into practical to-dos to be done every week.

Example n1: Successful meeting to be held on the same day, at the same time, with the same agenda, which starts at this time and ends at such time.

The meeting agenda can look like this:

  1. Get started on time – and with good news.
  2. Corporate OKR reports.
  3. SEO OKR reporting, including:
  4. Results obtained in the past week.
  5. Review of main results.
  6. Week and to-dos programming.
  7. Planning the next four weeks.

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During the meeting all questions from the various reports will also be raised, including:

  • Priority of issues.
  • Identification of the problem.
  • Discuss the problem.
  • Solve the problem (and create an initiative or action).
  • Come to a conclusion, including:
  • Recapitulation of initiatives or to-dos.
  • Ratify the meeting.

Using OKRs and a clear meeting agenda helps transform SEO into a practical and manageable activity that focuses on very clear goals to achieve.

The whole process makes SEO less blurry and confusing, but above all it dramatically increases the chances of success.

For this reason it is often recommended to:

  1. Create a challenging goal every quarter.
  2. Make this goal measurable by defining key outcomes.
  3. Be sure to cover all three parts of NYC SEO , and not just the one you prefer.
  4. Include SEO health metrics that help track progress.
  5. Start a simplified SEO meeting to monitor progress and to raise and discuss issues that arise from time to time
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