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SEO Going international with SEO: How to make your WordPress site globally friendly

Everyone is going digital these days. The online market has the reach to connect places quickly. A local shop attracts residents. However, an online platform has no limit. As an online business, you always aspire to spread internationally. Targeting an audience beyond the clutches of the border becomes easy.

Many entrepreneurs try to take their online businesses to an international level. The reasons for this vary from business to business. Some go international to expand their business. However,  some do this to exit from the local market. Meanwhile, many are just trying to get away from a saturated market. The reason for going international is not important. The path adopted to do holds prime importance. You can successfully boom your business internationally if you take the right steps.

Your WordPress website plays a key role in this process. It has become somewhat essential to have an SEO expert on your team. The quality of your WordPress website needs an inspection to get global reach.  A compromise is never an option for your website if you want to tap the global market. Read further to get some tips on how to make your WordPress website global friendly. Also, find some plugins that will help you with the same.

Tips to Turn Your WordPress Site International Friendly

Globalize Your Content

The content of any website holds the key to success for their online business. While going global, ensure that the content should match international standards. While changing your content from local to global, make sure you don’t lose the meaning of the content. You should know about the countries that you want to target. Over 73% of the international audience like the content in their native language. So make sure to translate your content to the native language of the targeted countries. Translations are delicate, be careful as you don’t want to lose out on meaning. It is best to hire a local content writer from that country to ensure proper translation.

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Avoid Using Text on Images

As mentioned before, translation can get dicey for an entrepreneur. Google is not technically equipped to translate the text into images and logos. You should avoid images that have text in them. There are chances of losing out on potential international buyers. Buyers may bow out if they are not able to understand certain elements of the website.

Avoid Rigid Localized Options

Some entrepreneurs select the default domain based on f Geolocation IP tracking. It is best to avoid such rigid localized options for an international audience. This might fall a reason for the failure of the site to connect with the global audience. Avoiding it will help in the wider accessibility of your website.

Localized Checkout and Shipping Factors

Certain things are best if not generalized. Your WordPress site may be anything from books to smartphones to the software. However, make sure you personalize certain aspects as per the global audience. The first aspect is the checkout features. Make sure to add multiple currencies to the checkout option for different countries. Add certain features like showing the delivery charge and tax to the total amount. Also, use efficient API tools to convert currency at the checkout. Different international audiences get accustomed to different payment methods. Add as many payment methods as possible to cater to a wider audience.

Plugins to Help Make Your Site Become Globally Friendly


The name itself suggests what this plugin helps in. The attractive feature about it is that it lets you translate the content of your site from the front end. You can easily swap languages while translating. The preview also gets updated instantly. The plugin is also efficient in coming up with URLs, that are SEO for the global market. This will boost the rank of your website in the local search results of other countries. Excelling local search results will create an impact in improving your international business. It takes time to go up in the rankings of international search results. However, you just need to complete your orders once and it makes it to the top. A good ranking in search results ensures that more people view your website. This, in turn, leads to more traffic on your website on the international market.

Multi-Currency for WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin that helps with multiple currencies. The extension helps the site in switching currencies. It also assists in calculating the price as per exchange rates. This can help to a great extent in reaching other countries. It is a free plugin that will serve the people of different countries with ease. Every customer desires a hassle-free checkout with minimal complications. These complications increase, particularly for the global market. Such an extension would go a long way for the site. It enhances the user experience of the global audience. Slipping away from even one customer due to such problems can damage the future of your business. Multiple currencies will turn out to be your last problem if you have this feature in place.

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