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Home Lifestyle How to choose the Right Haircut for your Face Type?

How to choose the Right Haircut for your Face Type?

Trust us when we say that the perfect haircut can do wonders for you. It can not only make you look the way you want, but it can also redefine your facial features. You can also change your entire look with the help of an expert haircut. However, not every hairstyle looks good on every face structure. Every person has a different face shape and contours, for example, square, circle, oval, and triangular face shape. Similarly, the hair growth extent and pattern vary across the globe.

If you have been facing a struggle in choosing the next hairstyle for you, worry not!

We have compiled an excellent guide to find the right haircut for men as per their face shapes. Check out the list of all face types and hairstyles that suit you the best.

How to find your face shape and type?

There are four dimensions that you need to identify for your face type are:

  • Forehead
  • Cheekbones
  • Face length
  • Jawline

Depending on the proportions of all these dimensions, there are seven standard face profiles. All of them are listed in the following section. You can also check Beardo Coupons too with us.

Major Face Profiles in Men:

  • Oval

The oval face has a greater face length as compared to the width. The distance between your cheekbones comprises the face width. The oval-shaped faces also have smaller jawline with rounded corners.

  • Triangular

The triangular face has a smaller width than the jawline length. However, the distance between the cheekbones is larger than the forehead.

  • Rectangle

In this face shape, all the width dimensions, namely cheekbones, jawline, and forehead, are almost equal and are lesser than the face length. Hence, it is a long face with a sharp jawline and sharp temples.

  • Heart

A heart-shaped face is one where the forehead measures higher than jawline and cheekbones. The chin of men with such face is sharp and pointed.

  • Diamond

The following contours characterize the diamond-shaped face:

  • Face length is the largest and is followed by cheekbones, forehead, and jawline.
  • Square

The square-shaped faces have all the dimensions similar and sharp angles at the jawline.

  • Round

The round face has equal face length and cheekbones. Both of them are larger than jawline and forehead. The jaw angles are soft.

We hope that by now you might have grasped the idea of your face shape. Now, let us move on to find the best hairstyles for men as per the different face shapes.

Haircut for Rectangular Faces

If you have a rectangular face, your face is already having the length, and you don’t have to add more of it with the hairstyles that give the impression of length. So, you have to steer clear of pompadours and opt for well-balanced hairstyles. As per the men’s grooming experts, you have to take away the hair from the forehead towards the temples and ears to add a bit more dimension on the sides.

Best hairstyles: Slicked back hairstyles, neat man buns, and the classic side part.

Avoid adding more volume to your hair and opt for sleek styling gels that keep your hair firm and in-place. Check out the beautiful combs and styling gels or waxes that you can use on The Man Company.

Haircut for Oval Faces

Men with oval faces are considered to be the best models for a broad range of hairstyles. They have well-proportioned faces, and they can also experiment with different hairstyles, including the large ones.

Best hairstyles: Pompadour, classic quiff, and shaved heads to shoulder-length cuts

Haircut for Square Faces

The best way to tone down the sharp angles of your faces is to opt for undercuts. There are many options to choose from this category. Men with square-shaped faces should focus on fullness, and they can also experiment with the volume of their hair. If you know how to do the trimming rightly, you can make the most of your hairstyle experiments. Check out the latest collection of trimmers online and invest in some high-quality trimmer that comes with different heads. You can keep the shopping comfortable on your pockets with The Man Company Coupons as well.

Best hairstyles: French crop, quiffs and a buzz cut.

Haircut for Round Faces

The round-shaped faces have to choose the hairstyles that can add more length to their faces. This will make their faces appear well-proportioned. You can opt for combed-back styles that can give an illusion of height. You must keep the sides short if you wish to make your rounded jawline appear angular.

Best hairstyles: Pompadour, comb-over styles, side part, flat top and front fringes.

Haircut for Diamond Faces

The diamond-shaped faces are rare, and they require hairstyles that add width at the forehead region and chin. You can also opt for the styles that add texture to your forehead. If you want to flaunt a longer hairstyle, opt for the ones with hair tucked behind the ears to accentuate the facial structure.

Best hairstyles: Side-swept hairstyles, deep side-parts and 5’oclock shadow.

Haircut for Heart Faces

Men with a heart-shaped face should avoid tight cuts as they with make their chins appear more pointed or sharp. Opt for hairstyles that soften the heart shape of your face.

Best hairstyles: Long hairstyles, medium-length side-swept look and medium beard.

Haircut for Triangular Faces

Men with this type of face should opt for voluminous hairstyles. The longer hairstyles with fuller sides are the best bet, as it adds depth to your facial contours.

Best Hairstyles: Classic Tapers and low fade hairstyles.

So, dear men, now that you have all the intel before your eyes, choose the right hairstyle for your face type and give yourself a makeover.

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