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Things to do in NathiaGali – Must See Places

Captivating and one of the most acclaimed vacationer places, NathiaGali is arranged in the District of Abbottabad of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa locale, Pakistan. This lodging like incline station isn’t not actually a powerful nature occasion. Most likely the spot is known for its entrancing greatness and moreover for basic transparency.

What Not to Miss in NathiaGali?

There are immense activities to do and places to visit close NathiaGali. Do whatever it takes not to miss these get-away goals when you are orchestrating a journey to this incline station.

Representative’s House

The acclaimed Governor House is arranged in essential bazaar of NathiaGali. Disregarding the way that, this extraordinary designing based structure isn’t considered explorers yet its including pleasant zones and trails are been gotten a kick out of by visitors.

Miran Jani Track

As NathiaGali is arranged at 8,200 feet, including various endeavors the getting on Miran Jani is astonishing which takes 6-7 hour to reach. This point offers maybe the best viewpoint on NathiaGali.

Mushkpuri Track

NathiaGali to Mushkpuri top is at 4 km and 4 kilometer beginning close Shangrila Hotel in NathiaGali experiences thick pines forests and goes to 2800 meters ft high Mushkpuri top.


Another dazzling piece of designing isn’t to miss NathiaGali’s Church. Similarly worked by British Rule, the wooden-limited church is the standard interest in NathiaGali. It is included by rich green grass which adds impression to its greatness.

Green Spot

An emphatically recommended spot, Green Spot is arranged on Pakistan Air Force base Kalabagh anyway families and explorers are welcome for a unimportant cost. This is an eminent, relaxing up an area where the extravagant green yards made sure about with wild daisies is an unprecedented spot to take surprising pictures. There is a near to little bistro that serves coffee, tea, soft drink pops, and goodies.


DungaGali is another worth visiting spot to make NathiaGalui trip essential. It welcomes vacationers straightforwardly after their visit to guideline NathiaGali. This little incline road leads towards prestigious GhoraGali.


From its motivation, GhoraGali has been connected with its retreat giganticness. The British colonialists and troops used this spot to praise themselves with standard view. GhoraGali features 1,100 m long chairlift that goes from GhoraGali to Pindi Point. This observed Gali of Murree covers a region of 150 areas of land and is 4 km from Murree and 57 km from Islamabad. The guideline school of Murree is moreover orchestrated here named Lawrence College GhoraGali, Murree.

Lalazar Safari Park

Lalazar Safari Park in NathiaGali is arranged on the Lalazar top at a stature of 9,000 feet. Ensuing to leaving the vehicle, you can climb the winding track, which experiences pine, fir and deodar woodlands, by strolling or on a horse. It takes around 25 minutes to show up at the Safari Park.


Thandiani is an icy mass and it is suggested for a day-night trip. Kalabagh is a green engaging glade with bistros and resturaunts. Green Spot then again is claimed by the PAF base and is a piece of Kalabagh. Ayubia is a seat lift resort and in the event that you need to lose yourself in the mists, it is prescribed to visit this spot.

NathiaGali Monkeys

Different creatures like ponies are normal sight during the long stretch of summer and for rides offers to grown-ups and children’s. Monkeys are normal and regularly come up looking for snacks to inns and guesthouses are extremely lively and very boisterous. From Nathiagali you can discover many short walks around the backwoods of pine. So Nathiagalli resembles the paradise on the earth that give home to more prominent limit of natural life and furthermore popular for its beautiful excellence. It is a mainstream vacationers resort in the mid year month from I.e May to August

NathiaGali Location Via Murree and Islamabad

You have to drive for one hour from both Murree and Abbottabad to reach NathiaGali which has a division of 34 kilometers from here. It’s a mi somewhere between the two spots. From Islamabad, NathiaGali is on the drive of 2 h 50 mins having a partition of 95.6 km by Kashmir Road. At the point when you go to NathiaGali must see places to visit in murree because of the fact that murree is the of the best fascination alos.

In case you’re with 2-3 families, Nathiagali is the ideal spot for holding grills, campfires and games evenings. Nathiagali is home to amazing accomodation and lodgings which are the best in the district. Or on the other hand on the off chance that you need to remain progressively near to the nature, bungalows are likewise accessible for lease at stunning areas. Visiting Nathiagali between the months June – August is the most best. It is shady as of now and may shower whenever of the day or night. You can reach Nathiagali in a private vehicle, a leased vehicle or through the Daewoo Coach administration. The streets are effectively constructed and wont be of any issue regardless of whether you are driving yourself.

Nathiagali is perfect for a multi day stay particularly on the off chance that you strike a chord and to be away from all the hustle clamor of the city. You will leave this spot bearing the statement in your psyche by Wordsworth “Yet magnificence seen is rarely lost” and subsequently recollect Nathiagali for all the days to come.

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