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A Guide To Choosing The Best Body Board For You

Are you thrilled to take your first shot at sliding along the waves? It is time to invest in your body board.

It is crucial to select the right board for matters of safety and to ensure that you enjoy the most. Besides, using the correct board is essential to progress as a rider.

Once you find a board that suits your abilities and requirements, your rides will only improve! The board will become one of your prized possessions and an exciting companion.

So, before you select a board, read through this guide to help you select the best one for you.

Things to Consider When Buying a Body Board

If you plan on riding reasonably regularly throughout the year, make a well-thought decision after considering the following factors:

Size Matters

So, the first thing to consider is your height. However, it is not as simple as measuring it against the wall. You could either be longer at your torso or have long legs. The basic feature of a body board is that it must reach your navel. If it is too small, it can sink. On the other hand, if it is too big, you will be left struggling to control it.

If you’re a young rider with scope for growing in size, it is better to buy a slightly longer board. The board must not be shorter in any situation.

Now, if the board is far too long for you, then there might be 2 significant issues:

  • You will be unable to kick the water
  • You will not have your leg in the water and, thus, will be unable to steer or control while riding.

Width and Thickness

Once you have determined the size of the board, it is time to move on to its thickness. It depends on your body weight. If you tend to fall on the larger side, you will need a board with a higher volume.

But what is the volume of a body board? Simply put, it is the board’s buoyancy for the given rider.

So, a heavy rider would need a broader, thicker, and longer board.

Water Temperature

The water temperature affects the body board’s stiffness. Some boards tend to become soft and flexible in warm water. Simultaneously, these boards become quite stiff in colder waters.

So, before selecting a board, do your homework about the water temperature at your local beach. It will help you make the best choice of the board as per the location.

Core, Price, and Durability

Price is usually a primary consideration when shopping. Body boards are available in prices ranging from lower-priced to high-range expensive ones.

Features like the board’s size, design, quality and material impact the price.

The core of the board can be of the following types:

  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) – In common terms, Styrofoam which is fundamental to most boards
  • Polyethylene (PE) – This core material is an excellent option for tropical waters. The flexibility of this material changes with the change in water temperature.
  • Polypropylene (PP) – Found in expensive boards, this core material is lighter than PE boards. Furthermore, the prices of polypropylene have shot up worldwide, making it an expensive option.

Wrapping Up

A body board guarantees minimum fuss while being the ticket to enjoying surfing like never before. Using the right board will enhance your experience so much.

In fact, riding with the right board will make it easier to pick up bodyboarding tricks.

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