5-Pro Tips For Marketers Who Hate Negative Feedback

5-Pro Tips For Marketers Who Hate Negative Feedback

Are you one of those marketers who don’t like the negative feedback from the customer?

Well, this is the fact that you have direct communication with your audience and that’s what is special about social media. However, this very factor can become a challenge when you have to deal with negative reviews and feedback while running your business. If you like to have a strong social media presence, then you need to make peace with the fact that your customers will also respond negatively along with the positive feedback and that’s pretty normal. But what isn’t a given is that you have to deal with it poorly. If you’ve started an online business for Men’s Leather Jacket but your customers are spreading hate, don’t take it into your heart and instead tackle them. If you want to grow your business and your brand on social media and deal with negative feedback in the best way possible then, let’s get started and look at ways social media professionals can handle negative feedback.

1.Accept Your Audience’s Real Opinion 

Don’t be disheartened by the first feedback you get. For example, on forums like Reddit and others, getting a negative reaction to a post at first can be disheartening. But if you give it some time, for example, a few hours, you’ll see more balanced views and feedback appear, might be possible it starts giving you positive feedback. When you post something about your brand, it takes time to appear in people’s social media feeds and to generate responses. So, it’s good to analyze how people engage with your social media posts. This helps you understand if you should be concerned about your content’s quality or whether it’s good.

2.Engage With Your Customers Actively And Listen To Them

Engaging with your customers helps a lot, and it is a form of listening where you learn to take in feedback without judgment. It’s a well-known communication strategy that benefits all parties involved. If you want to engage more people on social media, learn to listen without judgment at first. And listen to everything your audience or customer has to say. Whether their comments or statement seems fair or inaccurate, there’s information that you can use to better your relationship with a customer and your business. This will also help in future corrections for your product.

3.Accept The Fact That It’s Not Personal

Don’t take the negativity personally, in fact, you need to realize that even highly negative responses to your social media aren’t personal. This is because a customer can’t capture your entire business or your platform with a few online interactions. So, stay away from difficult topics and out of your domain. You do need to follow ethical business and communication practices. Whenever customers express a negative viewpoint, it reflects their experiences at that moment. Learning to listen without taking it personally will support you grow as a leader and making positive changes to your business too.

4.Be Frank With The Customer

You might be thinking about how to respond to negative feedback? A great way to do this is through humor. You don’t have to face criticism but take the negative comments a bit lightly. Instead, learn how to look at criticism as having some layer of truth to it but you also remove unnecessary self-criticism. Try to spread positivity among your customers through your interesting content.

5.Go Low-Key Or Offline 

If you’re dealing with too many negative reviews or there is a customer that’s unhappy and continues to bring up their issues on social media, then try to deal with everything by going offline. You can ask the customer to contact you directly, either via a phone call or via email. This moves the conversation away from public view and gives you the chance to have a one-on-one meeting with your customer. Get your much-needed break and go offline for some time, after a fresh mind so you can deal with everything with positivity.
These are some of the tips and tricks you can follow to build a healthy relationship with your customers and handle all the negative stuff they comment on your feed.


Is it safe to say that you are prepared to develop your business via online entertainment?

Managing on the web communications implies that you ought to be ready for clients who express their misery in a public manner.

Nonetheless, such occasions are valuable open doors for development assuming that you know how to manage them well. I’ve shared multiple ways you can manage negative input. In this way, the following time you have a troubled client, search for ways of applying these tips and improve things.