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The Importance of Q1 Video Marketing: How to Get Best Way To Promote YouTube Videos

For businesses, the first quarter is an intriguing time of year. The first few months of the year typically reflect a decline after the holiday and Q4 boost in the months prior, depending on the industry and whether enterprises sell predominantly B2B or B2C.

With that in mind, Q1 goals typically fall into one of two categories: take action to try to raise sales during the sluggish time, or exploit the slow period to get ahead on big-picture sales and marketing best way to promote YouTube Videos activities that may pay off later. Using video to your advantage is a tremendous benefit in both scenarios.

Let’s look at a few possible Q1 goals and how video might help you achieve them.

 Q1 Desired Outcomes

Keep your holiday business.

Given that Q1 follows the holiday purchasing frenzy, many businesses are hoping to turn these one-time buyers into brand loyalists in Q1. When buying gifts for loved ones, consumers are more likely to buy from brands they are unfamiliar with, therefore many businesses see an increase in first-time purchasers.

Email marketing campaigns, repeat purchase promotions, and social media engagement can all help to attract these clients back a second time and encourage them to become long-term customers.

What Can Video Do For You?

Video is an excellent way to maintain an authentic connection with prospective buyers while also staying on their radar without outright pitching another sale. Here are a few examples of specific videos that you may utilise to build brand loyalty:

How-to film demonstrating how to get the most out of a product or service that has already been purchased.

Videos of gift recipients enjoying their new products on social media with user-generated content

Customers will see commercials on their favourite platforms that remind them of your company.

Complete a variety of projects

Another popular strategy for Q1 is to put aggressive sales methods on hold in order to focus on projects that are generally pushed to the back burner later in the year. Consider website improvements, corporate rebranding, and so on. Employee onboarding improvements, or any other big-picture efforts that never seem to come up at the proper time.

If you opt to scale down your marketing efforts in Q1, investing time in these irregular initiatives is a fantastic way to maximise your resources. Because some consumers will be resistant to sales-heavy material in Q1, investing time in these irregular projects is a great way to maximise your resources.

What Can Video Do For You?

Every kind of long-term project we discussed above can benefit from the use of video. If you’re redesigning your website, include video on a few of the most important pages to provide users a dynamic way to learn more. Consider creating an internal film to explain the changes and roll out the new version to staff if you’re upgrading your company’s branding. If you want to improve your onboarding process, make company-wide training videos that workers may watch on their own.

Make “create a video marketing strategy” one of the projects you aim to tackle if your company isn’t already employing video material as part of its marketing efforts. Take advantage of the quiet months to find video opportunities, then get to work on ideation, writing, and storyboarding to bring the content to life. Alternatively, you might employ a video production partner that can assist you in the proper way.

Take a moment to explore how video can take your project to the next level, whether you choose one of these initiatives or something else that’s long overdue in your own business.

Close any outstanding deals from the previous year.

It’s normal for B2B companies to begin up where they left off in January with agreements that never finished the previous year. Clients may not have signed on because of budget constraints, a lack of management approval, or simply because they couldn’t get it done before setting their holiday OOO message.

In Q1, it’s critical for sales and marketing professionals to reconnect with these clients, checking in to see if the offer is still possible. These are low-hanging fruit that can help make up for the customary slow season, so don’t pass them up just because they didn’t close before the end of the year.

What Can Video Do For You?

There are two main approaches to use video to aid in the closing of these difficult negotiations. The first—and most likely most effective—method is for salespeople to send personalised, one-on-one video messaging to clients. Consider these videos as an alternative to traditional email or phone outreach, and deliver the same content in video format as you would otherwise. The point is that video personalises the contact, allowing you to create (or repair) the relationship while also standing out from other outreach initiatives.

If you don’t want to take that way, you can show these clients testimonial films to show them how your product or service has benefitted other people in the past. Both options will help a lot. to assist in bringing unfinished deals closer to completion.

Start strong with your annual sales targets.

Last but not least, your team (and your company as a whole) is likely to set lofty goals for the coming year. Whether you want to raise brand awareness, increase conversion rates, or obtain more value from recurring consumers, you’ll need to make a dent in Q1 to have a chance of meeting your goals. Don’t make the mistake of thinking Q1 marketing is hopeless.

What Can Video Do For You?

For nearly any marketing purpose, there is a video kind. Brand videos (also known as “About Us”) are excellent for increasing brand awareness. When it comes to acquiring new leads, product videos and video advertisements are effective. Conversions are aided significantly by testimonial videos. Internally, team films aid in the recruitment of top-tier applicants and the improvement of employee morale.

You’re in luck if you need assistance determining which video type best corresponds with your 2022 objectives; our Producers are happy to assist. Schedule a conversation here for personalised (and free!) advice tailored to your sector, goals, and budget.

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