The 4 Steps to Planning a Successful Home Improvement Project


Many of us were stuck at home for days, weeks, and months on end during COVID. And lots of us did not like what we saw. That’s at least partly why Americans are predicted to spend a colossal $232 billion on home improvements this year.

If you’re ready to embark on your own home improvement project, it’s easy to get carried away and blow your budget before you know it. You need a few savvy home improvement project tips to help you get the look you want for a price you can afford.

Read on for the four key steps in translating home improvement project ideas into stunning realities.

1. Get Your Priorities Straight

Spend a few hours on Pinterest and you’ll have home improvement project ideas coming out of your ears. But it pays to think objectively about your home and what’s really not working for you.

Is the kitchen a constant source of stress? Is the layout impractical and in need of a rethink? Or is the bathroom 30 years old and constantly having plumbing issues?

The most popular home improvement projects are new kitchens and bathrooms. But be guided by what your home needs, not what other people are doing.

2. Create a Budget

Surely plans come before the budget, right? In these financially challenging times, it really should be the other way around. Knowing your budget before you start thinking about appliances, furniture, and finishes is a major safeguard.

It can help you avoid spending more than you can really afford and ending up resenting the project. And with careful shopping, you can still get high-end materials like travertine tiles at affordable prices.

Don’t forget to include a contingency in your budget. Budget at least an extra 5-10%. If you don’t use it all, you can upgrade some of the final touches at the end!

3. Plan your Home Renovation Project

Now you’re ready to start planning the project. Grab all your inspiration and nail down the final finishes you love. While it’s tempting to think about what’s on trend, always plan with an eye to the future.

Are you planning to sell your home in the next few years? Is a style you love extremely of the moment, and likely to look dated very quickly?

Timeless classics are called that for a reason.

4. Find the Right Contractors

Take your time to interview at least three contractors. Look at online reviews and testimonials, and ask for references you can follow up. When you get quotes, make sure that you’re comparing like for like.

When you finally choose your contractors, make sure your contract is watertight. It’s usually a good idea to schedule payments to be released on completion of various stages of the contract. Set out communication expectations before signing the contract.

Making a Success of Your Home Improvement Project

The home improvement project tips we’ve discussed can you get the result you want at a price you can afford. Planning a home improvement project can be a lot of fun, but give yourself time to make good decisions and find the right contractors.

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