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Home Health How fast should you respond when you are having ED?

How fast should you respond when you are having ED?

Are you not able to have erections or maintain them? Doctors state this condition erectile dysfunction. It is a condition where the patient may have difficulty to have harder erections needed for penetration or have difficulty to maintain them.

It is a very common problem found in men mostly after attaining a certain age. Most men above fifty or sixty years of age may have difficulty in having erections. To treat ED you can use Vidalista 20 from Arrowmeds. It is one of the best-known pills known to cause erections and affects most men.  

What are the causes of ED?

There could be many causes behind ED. But the most important thing is to visit a doctor or a urologist when you are having problems in having erections. Doctors will discuss with you and on the basis in order to confirm the actual cause.

The three main factors of erectile dysfunction could be the presence of diseases, psychological issues, and addiction or extreme use of certain substances. Here is a category wise splitting of the causes of ED.

Presence of diseases

Certain diseases may increase the chance of having an ED. But the presence of these diseases doesn’t need to mean that you are also suffering from erectile dysfunction.

  • Heart diseases
  • Low blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Cholesterol
  • Nerve diseases
  • Obesity

Psychological issues

Many psychological issues can promote ED over a long time. It is particularly responsible for low sexual drive in men.

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Tension
  • Fear


Addictions can also be termed as bad habits and they can cause ED due to various reasons or by way of other related diseases. Addictions include-

  • Smoking cigarettes too much
  • Drinking alcohol heavily
  • Use of drugs and steroids
  • Bad food habits
  • Poor lifestyle habits and lack of exercises

When to call a doctor

It is to be remembered that not all men suffer from ED. All men suffering from any or some of the conditions listed above also may not suffer from ED. Generally, doctors would try to assess whether the condition of ED has worsen over time. If it is the case then the probable cause maybe some sort of disease.

Impotence is another situation where the penis has lost all its capabilities of erection. This can be one of the most extreme cases of ED. It can be due to old age or due to accident or even by birth.

If you are not in the mood of having sex generally it means that the root cause of ED might be a psychological issue.

Generally, sex is one of the things that give satisfaction to your brain. But having ED problems mean that neither of you as a couple is mentally satisfied and this can cause various psychological issues that might worsen ED. This can even threaten your relationship and even cause a divorce.

 What could be the possible downturns for a late reaction?

ED acts as a stimulus and in some societies, it is seen as a taboo. This might make you feel shy or less manly from the inside. You may even grow a fear of not even going to social gatherings or even outside due to lack of confidence. But in such a cause it is very important to go to the doctor or else the problem will only worsen over time.

It is important to note that you may Buy Cenforce 100 from online stores. Thismay solve the problem but this ED drug is also associated with side effects.

Sometimes people also have painful erections and this also needs to be reported to the doctor in early stages or it might lead to impotence.

If after getting treatment for a couple of months the ED remains in the same condition then it may be signs of an even bigger health condition. Consult the doctor in such cases at the earliest. It may mean that the penile artery may become narrower. This can be caused due to coronary artery disease or diabetes.

Methods of treatment

There are various methods of treatment. Fortunately, this disease can be cured 100% if it is diagnosed in the early stages. People who are old may not entirely recover although they will be able to have erections easily. The possible methods of treatment are-

Use of ED pills

It is the most widely used form of treatment for ED. You can buy and Use Fildena 100 from online stores.

Use of implants

There are surgical methods available that can cure ED permanently. It mainly involves the use of implants instated inside the penis.

Ayurveda treatment

Many ayurvedic forms of treatment like the use of herbs and doing pranayamas have also been reported to cure ED completely in the long run.

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