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Top Beach Destinations in Morocco [Updated]

Morocco is one of the destinations on earth that have diversity in traveling experiences. You would have the best opportunities to find the finest city life, traditional places, and archeological sites to visit. But Morocco has another very interesting aspect and that is its laid back refreshing beaches. Travelers find great fun at Beach Destinations in Morocco mostly during their Summer breaks in town. My family is planning our future trip to Agadir, and Tangier but maybe after the coronavirus threat ends. This blog is to give you a glimpse of the beachy destinations in Morocco.

Don’t Miss to be at the Best Beach Spots in Morocco:

Here is a list of some Beach destinations along with my experiences and expected things you will have to do up there. Get the right chills.

The Lagoon in Oualidia:


It comes in between Essouaira and Casablanca and an ideal location to breathe fresh. The color of its water gives my eyes a soothing effect. Don’t miss an opportunity to be at this secluded beach spot when you travel to Essouaira or Casablanca. The best destination so far, for the locals and as well as international travelers. Enjoy the seafood and strolling on the edge of the beautiful and amazing beach. I acknowledge the cleanliness of the beach, authorities and the public is more interested to make the place more environmentally friendly which is appreciated. If you are planning to explore the beach spots in Morocco, add this beach spot in your bucket list and don’t miss to visit it, you will enjoy your visit to the mysterious the Lagoon.

Taghazout – A bunch of Retreating Beaches:


Taghazout is a beach spot of Morocco which is always praised by the tourists. I spent a great time in La source up there. If you get an opportunity to be there on your summer break, or even later, must visit this destination along with others too. There are points in Taghazout, Killer point, anchor point and normal point for the surfers and swimmers. It is said to be an ideal place for beginner surfers.

Your kids can take the classes of surfing and swim at different clubs over there. There are a proper swimming and surfing field in Taghazout, and even in the whole coastal line of Morocco. I could see the safety flags on the beach. You might have known it already, the red flag tells it is a dangerous and hard place for the beginners, Yellow is of the message of average surfers, and green says all is well, go on. So the surfers, get pack your bags with all the necessary things you want to get with you. Surf and take the laid back pleasures on the heavenly Taghazout. Fishing is also a famous activity in Taghazout so if you want it, make it sure not to miss the activity. Seafood in Taghazout with its local spices has its specification, hope so, you will enjoy it. Let’s whoop, breathe and take yum experiences in the Ideal beach destination like Taghazout.

Hit Chicago of Morocco – It’s Essaouira:


Essaouira is a famous coastal destination in Morocco for travelers coming from across the world. It is said that this destination was once the home of many famous hippies. Singers and artists visit the place and make the place the subject of their creations. What you need to choose the place in Essaouira. I visited Moulay Bouzerktoune, a glamorous destination to laid back souk the sun and take the ultimate pleasures of the surrounding.

There is a comfortable environment for you and your family on the beachside. The beachside beds and comfortable chairs, sofas are there on rent, you can avail the facility to pay. Another very important aspect of the beachspots is that you can play with your kids over there.

The venders of beach inflatable toys would be there, you can play with your kids with Frisbee, or even can make a castle, or different favorite characters of your kids on the soft sands. Essaouira’s beach has golden sand and an inspiring landscape to enjoy. Surf, swim or lay back, the choice is yours. You can also take pleasing professional spa services on the spot.

Find Paradise Beach in Asilah:


On one hour drive from Tangier, an ideal beach spot Rmilate comes in Asilah, Morocco. You are recommended must to visit and explore the place as it is not a very known place and a secret one. Locals said it is also called a paradise in Morocco.

Bask on the beach beds, and the comnfortable sofa under umbrellas and souk the sun, enjoy the refreshing air. Whenever I need to retreat myself or distress my nerves, I head towards the world’s most prestigious beach spots or natural destinations. Morocco’s destination is also my favorite. You will feel so great being on the best heavenly beach spots in Morocco. Good luck!

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