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Home General Why Are Parking Lot Wheel Stops Important?

Why Are Parking Lot Wheel Stops Important?

Safety is at the top of the list for those who manage driveways and parking lots.

How often do you think about the safety of others who use the car parking lot? And for yourself, how often do you think about the safety of your property?

In every business that owns a parking lot, whether it is large or small, it is a good idea to put a wheel stop. Not only does this provide safety for others, but it also provides safety for your hard assets.

Keep reading for an in-depth look at the value of wheel stops for parking lots.

Help Keep Vehicles From Veering off Course

When a car is parked, it is important that the wheels are in line with the parking space. If the wheels are not in line, the car could roll out of the space and into another parked car or even a pedestrian. Wheel stops help to keep the wheels in line and prevent accidents.

Help Prevent Damage to Vehicles and Property

Vehicles can be damaged by hitting other vehicles or objects, and property can be damaged by vehicles driving over curbs or landscaping. Wheel stops help keep vehicles from hitting each other or driving over curbs and landscaping.

Wheel Stops Can Also Help Keep Pedestrians Safe

If a car is parked too close to a pedestrian walkway, it can be difficult for pedestrians to see around the car, and they may walk into the path of oncoming traffic. By using wheel stops to define the boundaries of each parking space, pedestrians can more easily see where it is safe to walk.

Help Define Parking Spaces

Wheel stops are important in parking lots because they can help to define parking spaces. This is especially important in larger parking lots where spaces can be more difficult to find. Many striping companies offer wheel stop installation as part of their services.

By having wheel stops in place, it will be easier for drivers to know where they can and cannot park. This can help to prevent accidents and injuries, as well as property damage.

Help Deter Speeding in Parking Lots

Wheel stops are important in relation to help deter speeding in parking lots because they create a physical barrier between the sidewalk and the street. This barrier forces drivers to slow down as they approach the stop, and makes it more difficult for them to speed through the parking lot.

Additionally, the presence of wheel stops can help police to more easily identify speeding vehicles in parking lots, and issue tickets when necessary. Ultimately, the use of wheel stops can help to make parking lots safer for everyone.

The Benefits of Parking Lot Wheel Stops

While wheel stops may not be the most attractive addition to a parking lot, they can be very beneficial. They can help to prevent vehicles from being parked too close to buildings, they can help to define parking spaces, and they can also help to prevent vehicles from rolling into areas where they are not supposed to be.

Wheel stops are a simple and effective way to improve the safety and function of a parking lot.

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