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Toilet Paper Roll Dispenser Types: A Closer Look

Did you know that there are around 1.4 billion toilets across the globe? Having toilets in your place of business or your restaurant is important. With toilets comes the importance of having a good toilet paper roll dispenser. There are tons of great options on the market for a roll dispenser so it is important that you understand your needs and the benefits of each type.

Getting the wrong toilet paper roll could lead to costly issues. You might face toilet paper thievery or difficulty for guests trying to use your restroom facilities. Getting the best toilet paper roll dispenser is a much bigger deal and a much more important investment than you might think.

The good news is that you’re in the perfect place to learn more about the different types of toilet paper roll dispensers on the market today. Keep reading to learn about your roll dispenser options.

Benefits of Having a Toilet Paper Roll Dispenser

Many people think that the benefits of having a toilet paper roll dispenser end at having a convenient place to store toilet paper for your guest’s hygiene needs. Getting the best dispenser for a toilet paper roll does a lot more than providing a place to put your toilet paper.

Many dispensers like those at https://www.prestigewashrooms.co.uk/commercial-washrooms/toilet-paper-dispensers.html are perfect for protecting your toilet paper from getting contaminated by human waste. Your guests will always have clean toilet paper ready to go for their needs when nature calls.

Going with a commercial toilet paper dispenser is also great. They’re capable of storing a significant amount of toilet paper. Your employees will need to spend far less time going in and replacing all of the used toilet paper rolls each day.

If you’re worried about preventing waste then you’ll be happy to learn that toilet paper dispensers are great aids for that. Many roll dispensers have mechanisms that prevent guests from taking excessive amounts of toilet paper. You’ll help control your costs when it comes to toilet paper while also preventing unnecessary waste.

You’ll also reduce the odds of having toilet paper stolen from your business when you choose to get a commercial toilet paper roll dispenser. They contain heavy-duty materials that shield the extra toilet paper rolls and prevent theft or vandalism.

They’re also the perfect investment for creating that organized and clean appearance for your building’s restrooms. Your guests will be confident and comfortable when they use your restroom facilities.

The Different Toilet Paper Roll Dispenser Options

There are a wide variety of options to choose from when you decide that your restrooms need new dispensers and holders for each toilet paper roll. Knowing your options is important if you want to make a sound investment that meets all of your needs. Here is a closer look at each type of toilet paper roll dispenser on the market.

Double Toilet Paper Roll Dispensers

One of the most common types of toilet paper roll dispensers these days is the double toilet paper roll dispenser. If you prefer to use cored toilet paper rolls then you’ll love this option. It is perfect for accommodating cored paper rolls with up to 100 meters of toilet paper on each roll.

That means that your toilet paper roll dispenser will have more than 600 feet of toilet paper ready to go for all of your guests that need to make use of your restrooms. Once the first roll is empty the second roll will drop into place and replace it. Most of these roll holders even include a window so you can easily check the amount of toilet paper that remains.

You can’t go wrong with a double toilet paper roll dispenser for giving your guests the best toilet paper when they need it most.

Jumbo Toilet Paper Dispensers

Odds are that you’ve encountered the jumbo toilet paper dispensers at some point or another in your life. They’re most common in public restrooms that see a ton of traffic on a daily basis. The jumbo toilet paper dispenser is designed to house a massive roll of toilet paper to eliminate the need for constant maintenance and replacing of the rolls.

There are various size options at your disposal when you decide to upgrade to a jumbo toilet paper dispenser. The mini dispenser holds rolls that contain more than 450 feet of toilet paper while the mid-sized dispenser will hold up to 700 feet of toilet paper.

The biggest dispenser of them all is massive and is designed to hold up to 900 feet of toilet paper. Your employees will get to go days between changing out the toilet paper rolls when you choose to invest in jumbo toilet paper dispensers.

There are even options for roll dispensers that allow you to use a number of different roll core sizes. If you’re looking for flexibility when it comes to your toilet paper options then you can’t go wrong with the jumbo dispenser.

Triple Roll Holders

Triple roll holders are also quite popular when it comes to toilet paper roll holders for public restrooms. The triple toilet paper roll holder holds three traditional-sized rolls of toilet paper. That means that it is great for establishments that don’t want to invest in special sizes of toilet paper rolls.

These holders provide enough toilet paper that you can limit the amount of time that you spend on maintenance. They’re great for catering to public restrooms that see a high volume of guests. The extra rolls are kept in a place where they’re secure and protected until your guests need to make use of them.

Pick Out Your Favorite Toilet Paper Roll Dispenser Today

Getting the right toilet paper roll dispenser is a big investment for any establishment that offers public restrooms. They’re perfect for holding large amounts of toilet paper and keeping them secure and sanitary until they’re needed. Make sure that you choose the right option to accommodate the number of guests that you host on a daily basis.

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