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How to Check Central Bank of India Account Balance?

I assume that you are one of those people who have their bank account with the Central Bank of India. I am assuming that because you are looking for information regarding how you can check the bank account balance in the CBI. If I guessed it right then you have been landed on the right page online. I will be telling you about the multiple methods which you can follow to check the remaining account balance.

When we talk about the bank accounts the most important thing that comes into the context is the account balance. Well, that is quite obvious because, we have been training our minds to think like that. Nobody normally thinks about the features like Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, etc. We just think about the amount of balance we have in our bank accounts if we get a chance to think about the bank.

How to Check Your CBI Account Balance?

So now let us talk about the real matter and learn how you can check your remaining account balance in your CBI account. CBI here is nothing but the acronym used for the Central Bank of India.

There is a strange confusion about this bank in the minds of people.

Many people think that this is the Central Bank of our country. But the reality is this is not at all the central bank of our Indian Banking System.

It confuses people because the name of this bank itself is the Central Bank of India. But you should know that the central bank and the governing body of the Indian Banking System are the Reserve Bank of India. They are the ones who make important decisions about the banking system which takes care of the money flow in India.

I hope you are clear about the term Central Bank which we have in the name of this bank. Now let me explain all the methods that you can use to check your CBI account balance.

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ATM Card

You can use your ATM Card or the debit card which you have received from the bank when you had opened your bank account with them.

But you have to make sure that your card is already activated. If you are using it for the very first time and not generated your PIN Number then you can not check your balance.

Your card should be activated and you should know your four digits debit card PIN number.

Just find any of the ATMs which are near your current location. Insert your card into the machine. Enter your debit card PIN number. After that select Balance inquiry and your bank account balance will be right up front on the ATM screen.

If you wish you can take the printed receipt which will be stating your bank account balance. You can make use of the ATM machine which is owned by any bank that is operating in India to check your balance. It is not like you have to use the ATM owned and operated by CBI only.

But however, it is recommended to use the ATM machine of the Central Bank of India to avoid unwanted ATM usage charges. If you have one owned by CBI near your location then prefer using it.

Bank Passbook

Whenever we open a new bank account with the Central Bank of India, we get a welcome kit. We will be having our ATM Card, Cheque Book, and the bank passbook.

Bank Passbook is a very important document which we get from the bank. It is proof that you are the real owner of the bank account who is authorized to use the account.

If you want to make any kind of important changes to your CBI account then you have to produce your bank passbook to the bank.

This book can also be used as the address proof document in India. That is because you can find your permanent address printed right on the first page of this book.

You can use your bank passbook to check your account balance. But to do this you have to visit your home branch of CBI where you hold your bank account.

Go to your home branch, find the passbook printing counter, and submit your bank passbook. The bank employee handling the counter will print all the latest transactions on your bank passbook. These entries will also show how much balance is remaining in your bank account.

Mobile Banking

This is the handiest method to check your CBI account balance. And I always recommend people to install and use the mobile banking application on their smartphone.

That is because, we can do many things with the help of the Mobile Banking application. But here you have to make sure that you download and install the application from the trusted sources only.

The bank will be always publishing its application on Google PlayStore or iTunes store. And you should always install it right from there.

If you want to check your bank account balance using the mobile banking application. First download and install the application on your smartphone.

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Once you have successfully installed it enter your username and password and login to your account. As soon as you log in I recommend you enable the fingerprint authentication.

That is because, if you have enabled fingerprint authentication you can log in blazing-fast next time without entering our password. All you have to do is just touch your finger on the fingerprint reader of your phone.

After you, login select your bank account whose balance you want to check and the balance will be displayed right on your smartphone screen.


These are the three methods that you can follow to know the amount of balance which is reasoning in your Central Bank of India account. Other than these three methods you can also make use of Internet Banking, Missed Call Banking, SMS Banking, and UPI application.

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