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Home Gadgets Things You Need To Know About Kodak Photo Printer

Things You Need To Know About Kodak Photo Printer

The Kodak photo printer comes with special printing technology that prints enhanced quality images on high-strength photo paper by layering each color on it. The Kodak mini wireless printer can print 2 by 3.4 inches photos directly from ios and android devices with one touch. Buttons and wired cables are not required to print. It can print detailed credit card-sized and passable photos with ink and paper cartridges that can fit in your wallet. It uses the 4 pass method with the Mini 2s print engine because it uses 4 passes to print unique, timeless, and precious moments with friends and families. Kodak photo printer comes with the Kodak app which lets you print captured images anywhere and anytime. Stickers, filters, and frames can use to modify the images from the kodak photo printer app. However, it is a little slow compare to other devices.

Kodak esp c315 is an inkjet printer that provides lightweight pictures with great print quality. It supports on MAC, Linux, and Windows operating systems. For the first six pages, it prints with moderate speed and high contrast and for the first four pages, it can print with normal shades. Kodak esp c315 driver should be installed on system devices to use the Kodak printer.

The Kodak Photo Printer Driver Easy Downloading Tips

To download the setup file, visit the Kodak official website and download it according to your operating system. Choose the download path and click on download. Downloading starts automatically and a new window will open when the download completes. Just close the window and the download file will save.

Kodak ESP c315 Driver Installation

Now open the location where the file download and right-click on the file to install the setup file. To proceed, users have to click agree on terms and conditions. A new window with location will also appear. Choose the path on your system and install the setup file. Now also tap on the Next button and install the setup file.

Kodak Photo Printer Features

Multiple OS and Storage

Kodak photo printer dock with 5 pins micro USB support, and compatible for android and ios operating devices. A memory card slot can also insert to extend the storage capacity.

Multiple Device Charging

It provides simultaneous fast charging for two devices at the same time For home, business and offices docks supplies fast charging which could save time.

Intimate App

Stickers, borders, filters, collage makers, etc can use to modify the photo just by using the Kodak photo printer app.

File Format

It supports JPEG file format which can also view on android and ios devices.

No Power Consumption

As a Kodak photo printer dock is a wireless device, hence no power consumption.


Lightweight, convenient, retro, and portable features make it possible to bring this device from one place to another very easily.

Printing Method

It uses the dye-sublimation method to print glossy, passle, and high quality, waterproof, solar resistant and fingerprint-proof photos to share precious moments with friends and families also.

Easy to use

Kotak photo printer docs let you print the images directly from your android and ios devices with one touch. 


It’s laminated coating in printed pictures is long-lasting and can also use up to 100 years without any hassle.


It comes with a very affordable range and the paper cost for printing is also low as it requires a small amount of printing paper. It can use everywhere and anytime.


It can be easily available at the nearest offline stores and on digital platforms.


I feel this is a nice printer. The printing quality is good and can also use even in small spaces. Photo size is good, you can easily put pictures in your wallet. The price range is also decent and can be run by USB port too. Additional price would be paid because this printer didn’t come with any ink. Users have to buy ink separately. It doest supports iCloud, This may be the greatest disadvantage for ios users. The Micro USB port is still a disadvantage, a type-C port should be provided. Although, it is still good as compared to the other photo printers. I must recommend the buyer to go for this one.

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