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Home Entertainment Kim Kardashian Issues Apology For ‘Variety’ Interview Comments – Hollywood Life

Kim Kardashian Issues Apology For ‘Variety’ Interview Comments – Hollywood Life


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Image Credit: Felipe Ramales / SplashNews

The Kardashians cameras were with Kim Kardashian when she began seeing major backlash to an interview she and her family did with Variety, which was published at the beginning of March 2022. In the interview, Kim was asked what her advice would be for women who want to go into business. She responded, “I have the best advice for women in business — get your f***ing a** up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days.” Kim was criticized on social media for her blanket statement about women’s work ethic, and she felt the heat afterward.

“When I made that statement, it wasn’t a blanket statement towards all women, as if I didn’t think all women work hard and respect the work they do,” Kim explained on the Oct. 13 episode of The Kardashians. “I see it every single day. The most important people who have shaped my life and career and helped me get where I am today are all women. So I hated that that got misunderstood and for that I am so sorry.”

kim kardashian

While chatting with her mom, Kris Jenner, Kim questioned whether or not she should release a statement to clarify what she meant in the interview. Kris told her to sleep on it before making a decision. Then, Kim shared her frustrations with Khloe Kardashian. “It just never ends. Will it end?” she asked, to which Khloe responded, “No it won’t end until…I don’t even want to say it…but until we end. But guess what, we were built for this.” Kim then made a shocking statement when she said back, “I don’t know if I am anymore.”

A few days later, Kim and Khloe had lunch with Kendall Jenner, where they further addressed the situation. “I said what I said about people working. Do I believe that? Yes. I believe you have to work hard in order to do that,” Kim insisted. “I was just so blindsided by how angry people got. Enough people were triggered, so i want to be responsible and understand why people feel the way they do. I do understand that. A lot of people weren’t given the same opportunities as us.”

However, Kim also pointed out that she and her family also went through some tough times that the public might not even know about. “People don’t know the story of [Caitlyn Jenner] and [Kris] having to sell their house in Hidden Hills because they couldn’t afford it and having to move to an apartment,” she shared. “Mom really started making her career and making money at 50! Growing up and seeing her hustle and get up every day with all these kids she had to take care of…I saw her work her a** off and figure it out.”

In a confessional, Kim added, “I think people assume I got everything handed to me being on a TV show. But being on a reality show — let alone a reality show girl with a sex tape — does not open doors. I always felt I had to work extra hard or harder to be taken seriously and forget about my past.”

Of course, Khloe had her sister’s back. “No matter what her answer was, people would have crucified her,” Khloe insisted. “They’d be like, ‘What do you know, you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth.’ But it’s frustrating when poeple don’t really know who you are and want to make whatever you say a personal attack. They don’t have empathy and compassion for other people. So it’s the right message..the wrong messenger.”

Kendall admitted she was “exhausted” but all the false narratives being spread, including those from Kim’s ex, Kanye West. At the time, he was making public claims that Kim wasn’t letting him see the kids — a narrative that he still stands by today. “I’m like…you were there this morning, stop with this narrative,” Kim told her sisters. “But I don’t want to go back and forth on the internet.”


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