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What Is a Clinical Trial?

Have you heard about the new cancer drug? It can cure almost any illness. Or at least that is what the ad says.

If you have been following the news through the night, you have seen some clinical trial advertisements. After all, the US had the highest number of trials registered during 1999-2021, at 157,618 clinical trials. But what is a clinical trial exactly, and is it as good as it seems?

Read on to learn more about clinical trials and their purpose.

What Is a Clinical Trial?

A clinical trial is a research study in which people help doctors determine whether new treatments are safe and effective. Clinical trials are sometimes called human subject research or medical research studies. They are one way scientists find out if a new medicine or treatment is effective and safe for people.

Aside from clinical studies, outcomes research can also discover efficient medical solutions. In outcomes research, experts may be able to scrutinize the results of their clinical trials. It can help them determine how to improve their medical practices.

Who Can Participate in a Clinical Trial?

Eligibility for participation in clinical trials varies depending on the specific study. Participants generally need to be of a certain age, have a certain medical condition, and be in good health.

Clinical trials are under strict oversight by qualified researchers and medical staff. All procedures and treatments also have close monitoring. Participation in a clinical trial is always voluntary, and participants can withdraw from the trial at any time.

Older and diverse participants provide a more representative population sample. By including a wider range of ages and ethnicities, researchers can learn more about how a treatment or medication may affect different groups of people.

Older adults and people from minority groups are often missed in research studies. Their inclusion is important for ensuring that all voices participate in the scientific community.

Stages of a Clinical Trial

Clinical trials have four phases. In the first phase, a small group will test the new treatments for the first time. It is something that can evaluate their safety, dosage range, and to know the side effects.

In the next phase, the tests will be on a larger group of people to see if it is effective and to evaluate their safety further. In the third part, the new treatment is given to large groups of people to confirm its effectiveness and monitor its side effects. Experts will compare it to standard treatments and collect information to ensure the safe usage of the treatment.

Phase four trials can proceed after the new treatment has FDA approval. It should also be able to collect additional information about the latest treatment’s risks, benefits, and optimal use.

How Clinical Studies Work

A clinical trial is an important scientific study that helps researchers learn if a new medical approach is safe and effective. Participating in a clinical trial can be vital in advancing medical knowledge and helping others in the future. Talk to your doctor if you want to know more about what is a clinical trial.

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