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Debunking the Most Common SEO Myths That Exist Today

Nearly 70 percent of online experiences start with a search engine. Proper search engine optimization (SEO) is smart marketing if you want to reach your customers online.

There’s a lot of bad information out there about SEO though. Let’s look at some of the most common SEO myths that exist today.

Meta Tag Keywords Don’t Matter for SEO

In the early days of SEO, you could stuff the “keywords” meta tag with a bunch of keywords and rank near the top of the results. Google doesn’t use those keywords to rank sites anymore but they’re still important for telling Google what your pages are about.

More Backlinks is Always Better for SEO

Backlinks are one of the most critical parts of a good SEO campaign but more isn’t always better. A few high-quality links from authority websites in your market will be more valuable than a ton of low-quality links from other sites.

Social Marketing Efforts Don’t Impact Your SEO

Google doesn’t treat links on social networks like Twitter and Facebook as backlinks from an SEO perspective. They’re still valuable for ranking though.

Shares and engagement on those sites are considered social signals. Having more of those signals tells Google that your website is important, which can result in higher rankings.

Google Penalizes Duplicate Content

It’s a common myth that Google penalizes duplicate content. In other words, if the same content appears on more than one website.

This isn’t necessarily true. Google recognizes that the nature of the internet means the same content could show up in more than one place. Its goal is to index the highest quality, most relevant page in the search results.

That doesn’t mean it penalizes the other sites, only that it ranks the one it thinks is best. Where you can run into penalties is if your website is completely made up of content that’s found in other places on the web.

Where Do These SEO Myths Come From?

Most SEO myths are either based on old information or circumstantial evidence. In many cases, something that worked at one time becomes a myth, even when it no longer does.

In other cases, people jump to conclusions when something stops working. Duplicate content is a good example. When Google got better at filtering out duplicate content, people thought they were being penalized when their pages were just outranked by a higher quality site.

The best way to avoid falling for these myths is to work with an SEO agency like Digital Logic. SEO is their business so they can stay on top of the latest changes.

SEO Should Be a Constant Part of Your Marketing Efforts

SEO isn’t a one-time strategy. Something that works today might stop working tomorrow and may even become one of many future SEO myths. You need to keep working on your SEO if you want your site to keep its top rankings.

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