Sanding Concrete Floor: Things You Need to Know

One of the most important steps in creating a reliable concrete floor that will meet all safety and strength requirements is grinding. It is the process of removing a layer of old building materials, chemical contaminants, chips, irregularities and paint for later processing. Grinding of concrete is carried out with special mosaic grinders.

They can be of different types and shapes – from manual electric to full-scale gasoline and automatic. Grinding is performed with various abrasive and diamond tools, depending on the complexity of the surface and the type of technique used. The most professional services for grinding concrete floors and concrete are provided by us. You can go to Sablage de plancher to find the best floor sanding services.

In modern conditions, clients prefer to entrust the work of processing concrete structures to professionals. High-quality grinding of a concrete floor is offered by our company. We use modern high-tech equipment, which will allow us to achieve the durability of the structure in the shortest possible time.

Benefits of a sanded floor

Conducting grinding of a concrete floor largely determines its service life and significantly increases the characteristics of wear resistance, strength, resistance to chemicals, preventing deformation. The sanded concrete floor is much better impregnated and decorated with other elements. A well-executed sanding of a concrete floor allows for a polish and a mirror finish.

In addition to the aesthetic component, such a floor will serve you much longer, without the need for any repairs. Surface maintenance is simple and does not require special tools or knowledge. Concrete floor sanding with HTC Superprep technology is designed for surface treatment of any surface with maximum effect and low cost. Sanding a concrete floor has a number of benefits:

  • High speed of work (just a few days after the concrete has dried);
  • Adjustable depth of removal of the top layer;
  • Creation of a surface with high adhesion characteristics;
  • Significant savings in money.

The use of special equipment and building materials allows the use of a wide range of additional impregnations and subsequent processing options for the concrete floor.

Methods of Sanding a FLoor

Due to the variety of tools on the market and innovative solutions, there are several ways to treat concrete floors. The main methods include:

Wet sanding

 It is mainly used for creating mosaic concrete coverings. In this case, marble or granite chips are often used. They help increase the durability and aesthetics of the coating. This method of work is rather complicated and therefore more expensive. The work consistently uses the grit size of the abrasive. This helps to achieve a perfectly flat surface of the structure.

Dry sanding

A more common and economical way. To carry it out, various types of diamond cutters are used. A feature of the method is its high productivity. Also, when performing work with a dry method of grinding, you can immediately proceed to the next stages of processing.

Depending on the requirements and preferences of the client, the specialists of our company can offer the best option for carrying out the work.