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How to Repair a Roof with Your Own Hands?

Sooner or later, any owner of a private house is faced with the formation of leaks on the roof. In this case, it is necessary to repair the roof in a timely manner, since moisture can destroy the rafter system and spoil the interior decoration of residential premises. Please reach out to Roof Leak Repair NJ in case you need any professional help.

Therefore, at the slightest suspicion of a violation of the tightness of the roofing, you must act immediately.

Signs of the need for roof repair

You can determine the need to repair the roof of a country house by visual inspection. At the same time, experts recommend that a preventive examination be carried out at least once a year – preferably in spring, so that possible defects can be eliminated in summer. And in the presence of serious problems with the roofing, even an inspection is not necessary, since moisture will pass on the structure of the building – ceilings and walls.

Preventive examination includes checking the condition of the:

  • Rafter system
  • Roofing pie
  • Installed floor in the attic

The need for repair work may be indicated by moisture on the wooden elements, the presence of mold and excessive dampness in the attic.

Obvious signs of roofing leaks

Inspection of the roofing itself from the outside for damage (holes, cracks, chips, dents, etc.) through which moisture can seep into the attic.

Soft Roof Requiring Repair

  • Revision of the ridge for the integrity of the product itself and the waterproofing membrane.
  • Inspection of the places of abutment of the roofing to utilities – chimneys, ventilation pipes, etc.
  • Checking the valleys – leaves and debris can accumulate in them, which violates the free flow of water during precipitation.
  • Inspection of the cornice board and the lower part of the cornice itself.
  • Revision of the drainage system – it can also get clogged.

Professional roofers use special infrared cameras that make it easy to locate leaks and eliminate them effectively.


According to the degree of complexity, repair work can be divided into several categories:


Performed in case of significant damage to the roof, or when the total affected area exceeds 40%. It involves the complete dismantling of the old covering, and sometimes even the truss system, and the flooring of the new roofing material. The roof needs a complete replacement

Current – performed when the total area of ​​damaged or deformed areas is no more than 40%. Such repairs can consist in replacing a whole roof element (metal sheet, corrugated board, slate, and shingle shingles) or local elimination of a leak without installing new fragments.

Major overhaul

During major repairs, a complete replacement of the roof is carried out, since the old coating is unsuitable for further operation. In case of severe damage (for example, decay) of rafters and other wooden elements, a new rafter system is also erected.

Initially, you need to make sure of the need for a comprehensive replacement of the roofing – usually this is evidenced by the presence of damaged areas in an amount of more than 40% of the total roof area.

It is also required to check in detail all elements of the rafter system, with the exception of cases of its partial destruction and damage to more than half of its area by rot – a new structure is definitely being built here.

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