A Guide on the Common Types of Websites


There are over 1.5 billion websites on the internet. With so many websites out there, categories have emerged for the different ways a website can be used.

If you’re looking into creating a website, but don’t know what type you need to use, we’ve got you covered!

Keep reading to learn more about the common types of websites.

News and Media Sites

These are some of the sites with the most web traffic. News and media outlets typically have a website layout that prioritizes readability. Large portions of the screen are dedicated to articles, with search bars and links in the sidebars.

Educational Websites

Educational websites vary in design depending on the age of the target audience. Some educational websites are designed for children, so they’ll be very basic with lots of bright colors and movement.

Academic education websites for adults host online courses. These websites are interactive and store data, so users don’t lose their progress.

Social Websites

Social websites contain message forums and timelines. Users create profiles and engage with other users. The focus of these websites is building community and facilitating engagement with others.

Portfolio Websites

The best websites for portraying your work and resume to potential clients or employers are portfolio websites.

These sites include links to previous work, reviews from clients, and contact information.

Business Websites

Most businesses have an online presence as part of their digital marketing strategies. If you’re building a website for businesses, you’ll need several pages for all the different subsections of the website. The key pages to include are contact pages, information about the company, contact information, and client reviews.

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A few years ago, blogs acted as a form of online journaling. But now they serve to communicate information to a lot of people at once.

Public figures can use blogs to share their longer updates, their thoughts on relevant industry events, and more.

Non-Profit Websites

These types of websites function similarly to portfolio websites. Non-profit organizations can share updates on their current projects and provide information for prospective donors.

Non-profit websites also typically have an archive or database relating to their mission. Another common feature is a donation button.

E-Commerce Websites

The online store market saw a huge increase during the pandemic. These sites are designed to display and track stock and manage payments. They host profiles, so users can shop again, leave items in their carts, and store their account information.

E-commerce websites have many elements to them. While the store element is the most important one, there are also pages for reviews, contacting, and policies.

Knowing the Common Types of Websites

Now that you know about the common types of websites, you can build the website you need. A good website is a powerful tool for building connections and creating an online presence.

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