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3 Beginner Parkour Moves to Try This Summer

Parkour is often portrayed as an extreme and dangerous activity, yet studies show that parkour moves can contribute to improving basic movement skills across a range of other sports.

The secret to maximizing the benefits of parkour lies in taking things easy when you first engage in these activities. Keep reading for tips on how to master beginner parkour moves before you advance to greater things.

How to Do Parkour

Parkour involves moving through an environment creatively and actively. It usually takes place in an urban setting and involves obstacles common to these spaces.

Parkour is a fun way to enhance your balance, endurance, and agility. You can do it almost anywhere, too.

There isn’t a dress code for casual parkour enthusiasts, but it’s best to wear comfortable, durable gear when trying out the latest parkour tricks. You can shop for clothes online or pop into your nearest sports store for suitable attire.

1. Jumping Up or Down

All the best parkour tricks involve some kind of jumping. Get started by practicing jumping from the ground onto a low raised surface like a bench.

It’s important to start with your feet together and land lightly, without losing control of your body. Once you’ve mastered the art of jumping up, you try jumping down while exercising the same muscular control.

Not only does this enhance your safety, but it’s a form of resistance exercise that builds strong muscles. When you’ve mastered the art of jumping correctly, you can try going higher, or try jumping up steps to add an extra level of difficulty.

2. Jumping Up and Over

Cool parkour tricks rely on jumping over stationary objects without touching them. Once you’ve learned how to jump up and down safely, you can try jumping over some of the same obstacles.

There are two ways to jump over things when tricking. You can jump horizontally over a long feature, or jump vertically to clear a high object.

You can practice by taking a small run-up to an obstacle and then leaping over it without slowing down. Lead with one foot and lift both legs to clear it, then continue running after you land.

It takes quite a lot of coordination to get this right, so keep practicing over easy things until you get the movement easily.

3. Parkour Moves for Vaulting

Vaulting always looks cool and athletic, but it’s one of the easiest parkour moves to master. It’s also the precursor to more advanced moves like cat leaping and wall running.

Practice vaulting by jumping over an object by swinging your body to the side. You use your hands to direct and propel yourself up and over.

As you go over, you’ll lift the hand on the uppermost side of your body to follow the movement.

Enjoy the Benefits of Parkour

Once you’ve got the hang of the basic parkour moves, you’re in a better position to enjoy this sport safely and most effectively. You’ll find plenty of parkour enthusiasts in the city to share your newfound hobby with, as well as official clubs promoting the sport.

Are you always on the lookout for interesting ways to improve your fitness? Browse our blog for all the best tips.

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