10 Things to Ask Your Immigration Consultant

10 Things To Ask Your Immigration Consultant

If you are searching for an immigration consultant, either to guide for immigration applications or provide valuable assistance for family sponsorship. It is essential to pick an authentic visa consultant. It’s quite obvious that you want your visa application to be accepted in a single go! Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a reliable immigration consultant that can provide you hassle-free services. A good visa consultant is well versed with all immigration laws and rules to provide you quality services. 

Every year there are umpteen number of candidates who yearn to migrate to foreign countries for higher studies. To pursue higher education abroad, students need a study visa. Thus, to avail error free visa process, they can link with the Best Study Visa Consultants in Jalandhar. Maximum candidates perplex while selecting the right consultants to initiate their visa process. To ease your whole visa process, we have noted down ten valuable questions that can help you analyze potential visa consultants. 

Here is a list of ten things to ask your immigration agent before starting your visa process with them:

  • Ask if they are registered

For protection of immigration clients, every country has an authorised licensing system. Dealing with a non-registered consultant may drag you to troubles. Some consultants claim to have association with registered overseas agents. These tie-ups should be clearly reflected on their official websites. You can choose to contact the local embassy to cross-check whether your immigration agent is registered or not. Additionally, get the license number of your agent. In case your consultant doesn’t have a registration number, they are not eligible to represent your case. 

  • How much experience do they have?

A well experienced visa consultant will make sure that you navigate through the visa process smoothly. Many visa consulting companies will boast about themselves by saying that they have been in the market for decades. You can verify their statement by asking for their company registration number. If you are willing to move abroad and settle there, contact reputed immigration consultants in Jalandhar to commence your visa process. 

  • Ask, how they are superior to other consultants?

Before selecting an appropriate visa consultant, ask them about services they can provide you. See strengths and weaknesses of various visa consultants and decide which consultant you want to hire to start your visa process. Judge the potential of visa consultants and choose any of them wisely. 

  • Which immigration program is appropriate for you and why?

A good immigration consultant should have in-depth knowledge of numerous immigration programs. They should be capable of assisting you to choose the best one for you. If they are themselves confused or lack information regarding this matter, then it may lead to wrong decision making. 

  • What is the surety of success through the suggested program?

There is no surety of success in any suggested program. If any visa consultant promises you that they’ll get you a visa with 100% success, then this is a red flag. A reputed consultant will clear you a picture on the chances you have for getting a visa. They will offer you all the valuable suggestions that can help you fetch a visa in a short time. 

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  • What to do if my application gets rejected?

Generally visa consultants promise to refund your application money. Getting your money back is not a valid solution for your application getting rejected. As your agent, if they have registration to get a review of your file? What better alternatives can they provide to make your application process successful? An unregistered visa consultant will leave you rejection, but a registered consultant will help you through the whole process. 

  • What is their service fee?

Ask about the amount of fee they will charge you for processing your visa. An honest visa consultant will not be hazy while explaining to you their fee structure. Usually, many visa consultants claim that they’ll charge less fee through advertisements, but increase their fee after you meet them personally. Try not to fall into the trap of fake advertisements. 

  • Whether my family members are eligible to apply or not?

There are numerous immigration programs that allow your family members to get included in that. However, you can not predict that these kinds of programs will be proven best for you. Ask your consultant whether these programs will best fit for you or not? Make sure that including your family members in the program will increase your visa process fee or not. 

  • Will your immigration company update me on file status?

A good immigration consultant will continuously update you on your file status. Note that some visa applications can take several months or years to complete. However, a visa consultant should be able to answer your every query regarding the process through calls or emails. 

  •  How many visas are approved through them till date?

Before choosing a reliable visa consultant, ask them how many visas they have got stamped till date. It will help you scrutinize their worth and potential of getting things done. A well experienced visa consultant can assure you success in the whole visa process. 

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Asking the afore-mentioned questions will help you judge the capability of the immigration consultants. Additionally, it will help you hire a suitable visa consultant to start your visa process.