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Vancouver: Holidays in Vancouver 2021

Vancouver is an incredibly green and clean city. The parks and alleys are home to trees imported from different parts of the world. Japanese sakura and Chilean araucaria, exotic for these places, have perfectly taken root and delight the townspeople during the flowering period. Vancouver’s historical heritage is not very extensive, but this fact is compensated by the beauty of the city, an abundance of parks, recreational areas, and excellent beaches. 

The city has a rather mild climate with short winters without prolonged frosts. Therefore, a trip here is comfortable at any time of the year. Whether you love spending hours in nature, relaxing in beautifully landscaped parks, or love taking the sights of a city. Without any doubt, book cathay pacific reservations online and save up to 35% off on one-way & round trips. Book now and get ready for a Vancouver trip that offers a plethora of activities to indulge on their next trip to Canada.

What to see and where to go in Vancouver?

The most interesting and beautiful places for walking. Photos and a short description.

Stanley Park

Harbor City Park adjacent to downtown Vancouver. Indigenous peoples lived on this territory long before the colonization by the British, the first British ships arrived here. The park is a unique synthesis of nature and human creation. The total length of walking trails is over 250 km. There are artificial reservoirs, monuments, sculptures, and sports grounds on the territory.

Vancouver Art Gallery

Museum and architectural monument, a repository of priceless works of art. This museum is the largest in Western Canada. The gallery was founded in the 30s. XX century, the collection is based on the works of the Canadian artist E. Carr, the works of M. Chagall, and D. Wall. In addition to the permanent exhibition, the museum organizes temporary exhibitions, to which they bring works of art from the best European galleries.

Center “Scientific World”

Science Museum housed in a modern ball-shaped building. The diameter of the structure is 47 meters, the top is crowned with a dinosaur figure. The exposition is a creative space where you can immerse yourself in the very essence of natural phenomena – take a walk through the “innards” of a camera, look inside the human body, try to lift a piece of a heavy meteorite. The museum will be especially interesting for families with children.

Kitsilano beach

A popular city beach located in the area of ​​the same name. The place is provided with a comfortable tourist infrastructure: cafes, swimming pools, walking paths, sports grounds, and much more for the convenience of visitors. In the 60s. In the 20th century, the Kitsilano area was chosen by representatives of the hippie subculture, then they were replaced by creative bohemians and office workers.

Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Center

This is the oldest aquarium in Canada, it was opened back in 1956.  Who lives in this watery kingdom? Here you can see sharks, dolphins, seals, sea otters, octopuses, penguins, and many other animals. Visitors especially love to watch how the “inhabitants” of the aquarium are fed. Today, the Vancouver Aquarium is home to nearly 300 species of fish, about 30,000 invertebrates, 56 species of amphibians and reptiles, and approximately 60 species of mammals and birds.

Things to do

English Gulf

Oceanfront English Bay is centered on one of the city’s most beautiful and lively beaches. In the West End, the English Bay offers shopping and fine dining but is also a popular outdoor area where people come for a walk, bike, rollerblade, or mingle with public art facilities. The largest event takes place in the summer when thousands of people crowd the shore to watch the three nights of fireworks set for music. Another popular event is New Year’s Polar Bear when hardy swimmers dive into the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Children’s market on about

As one of Vancouver’s top kiddie marketplaces, this market is also a great place to visit in bad weather. There are many activities for families here. For children, in particular, there is a large attraction “Adventure Zone” – an obstacle course with tunnels and a pool with balls.

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Ice rinks

One of the easiest ways to kill time on a rainy day is ice skating in Vancouver, which has three public indoor ice rinks operating throughout the year and five operating from September to March. All skating rinks offer ice skating lessons, as well as rent a pair of skates and a helmet.

Indoor Pools

If you don’t want to get wet outside, why not do it inside? As with ice rinks, public pools are ideal for kids when the Vancouver weather isn’t happy.

Indoor climbing walls

When in Vancouver you want to do something different and exciting, why not try a climbing wall? These places are open to children ages 5 and up, so you can have a good time in places like these in Greater Vancouver with the whole family.


In terms of climate, Vancouver is one of the least cold cities in the country. However, it is one of the areas with the highest probability of rain in Canada. There is an urban legend that Vancouver is the city in the world outside of Japan where you can find the best sushi. If you like Asian food, be sure to check out one of the hundreds of restaurants in the Richmond area. So, plan your getaway and book one of the customizable Vancouver tour packages with Airlines Vacations and plan a hassle-free trip, and enjoy your vacation with full thrust!

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