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Top Tips for Choosing the Best Audio Transcription Service

Did you know that the fastest typist in the world could type 216 words per minute? While you might not be able to find a transcription company that can type as fast as that, you can certainly find one with the ability to create accurate transcripts quickly.

Transcription is important for many businesses. But finding the right service to create transcriptions for you can be tough. There are a few key attributes you should look for.

Looking for some tips on finding the right audio transcription service for your needs? Read on. We’ve put this guide together to help you make a great choice.

Look for an Audio Transcription Service With Experience

Transcription isn’t as simple as the experts make it look. Top-quality transcription needs to be highly accurate, with the correct formatting.

Choosing a transcription service with plenty of experience ensures you won’t be left in a tight spot. An experienced company is more likely to get things right the first time.

Ensure any company you choose has plenty of experience. If they’re a newly-formed company, ask about their founders’ backgrounds and expertise.

Ask About Turnaround Times

Some say time is money. In the world of business, that’s often the case. So, if you need transcription completed quickly, it’s important to confirm a given company can meet your turnaround requirements.

Good transcription companies offer a variety of different turnaround times to meet their clients’ requirements. A company may charge a little more for expedited audio transcription services. But it could be worth the price if you need your transcripts in double-quick time.

Get the Right Services

Audio and video transcription services come in lots of different forms. There is basic transcription, simply providing a written version of your audio or video file. Then there’s verbatim transcription, which records every um and ah uttered by the subject, along with laughter and hesitation.

There are also translation services and analyses that you may need along with your transcription. It all depends on what you have in mind for the final product.

Whatever services you require, be sure your chosen company offers what you need. Not all transcription services offer the same range of services, so check in advance to avoid disappointment.

Demand Data Protection

When you’re providing material to be transcribed, it’s important that your data is protected. You’ll want to check a transcription service’s data protection policy before sending them any personal documents.

This is especially important for companies that use contractors or remote workers to complete transcription. Ensure anyone who has access to your data signs a privacy agreement.

Failing to take care of your data protection could make you vulnerable to data theft or even cause you to face legal action.

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When you know what to look for, finding a great audio transcription service isn’t so tough. There are plenty of great companies out there, and a little research will go a long way to helping you make the right choice.

Did you find our article useful? If you’re looking for more informative content, you’re in the right place. Check out our blog for lots more great articles.

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