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The most expensive palaces in the world

The palace is a tangible sign of luxury, high status in society, and wealth. At the same time, many of the palaces today are the property of the nation, so it is rather difficult to estimate their value. But there are several objects whose theoretical value is indeed determined with high accuracy, which allows you to get an idea of ​​how much a piece of glorious history is worth. And although it is almost impossible to purchase palaces from this list, it is quite possible to clarify their cost.

Queen Elizabeth’s London residence

Considering the most expensive palaces on the planet, you should pay attention to Buckingham Palace, which today is the residence of the royal heads of Great Britain. This luxurious complex was built in the 17th century. Since then, it has been rebuilt and expanded several times to acquire its modern appearance. Today, Buckingham Palace includes 775 apartments, and thousands of art objects and royal regalia are located in its corridors and living rooms. There are several stables and swimming pools on the territory of the palace complex. Today, the value of Buckingham Palace is estimated at $ 5.04 billion, which may seem like a trifle compared to other properties that have made it to the rating.

Winter Palace in St. Petersburg

This magnificent complex is part of the Hermitage. For centuries, it was the official residence of the royal family. Today, experts estimate that the Winter Palace alone could be worth $ 6.4 billion.

Tokyo Imperial Palace

Now it’s worth leaving Europe for a while and see in which palaces the emperors of the Land of the Rising Sun still live today. We are talking about a palace in Tokyo, which today is estimated at $ 12.2 billion. Its construction was carried out in 1888. The construction of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo took place on the site of the old Edo castle, but the palace in its scale not only surpasses this ancient fortification but also all the real estate of the state of California.

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Versailles – the pearl of France

The fourth place in the top is occupied by the famous palace of the French kings called Versailles. Its cost is $ 50.7 billion and it is fully justified. The palace complex occupies a huge area and consists of 700 rooms, which contain over 5,000 pieces of furniture from bygone eras and about 6,000 pieces of art.

Forbidden City in China

This attraction not only remains a highlight of Beijing but also the most expensive real estate on the planet. According to official figures, it cost maybe $ 69.9 billion. How was it determined? This required calculating the market value of the land on which the complex was built, as well as the aesthetic and cultural value of the architectural ensemble. Do not forget that inside there is a huge number of art objects that are part of this complex of Chinese emperors.

Other famous palaces in Europe

The Hofburg remains one of the pearls of Austria and a must-see for tourists who decide to visit this alpine country. The emperors of the Holy Roman Empire from the Habsburg dynasty, who would later be known as the emperors of Austria-Hungary, used to live and work on the territory of the palace. The construction of the complex began in the 13th century and was originally a fortified palace in an ascetic style. Only later did it grow and today it occupies over 240 thousand square meters. m. Today the Hofburg consists of 2.5 thousand rooms.

Speaking of famous palaces, it is impossible to ignore the Louvre. Before the construction of Versailles, it was one of the favorite residences of the kings of France. Construction also took place around the fortress, of which there are almost no memories to this day. Today the Louvre is one of the most popular museums in the world with thousands of art objects located in an area of ​​210 thousand square meters. m.

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