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3 Interesting Facts About the U.S. Rail Network

There are a lot of positives about living in the US, but have you ever considered the US rail network one of them? It remains a large secret all over the US, full of surprises to discover.

US rail has come a long way since its origins in the 1800s but often remains underappreciated. While the rail networks are not dominated by passenger trains, the American rail network is an efficient freight transportation method.

Are you interested in learning more about the US rail network? Here are three of the most interesting facts to get started.

1. It is the Largest Railroad System

Did you know that the US has the most extensive railroad system? It has around 250,000km of operating route lengths, which is over 5.6 times as long as the earth’s circumference. Seven are significant railroads, with the Union Pacific being the largest, and then there are hundreds of shortline and regional railroads.

Over 100 billion pounds of steel make up the railroad system of this size. It makes it a lifeline for freight transportation in the US, despite the emergence of other freight transportation options. Its extensive routes and other benefits mean it continues to transport everything from consumer goods to industrial products.

2. It Benefits the United States

The US rail network benefits the United States in a variety of ways. It is one of the most cost-efficient freight systems in the world, with the majority being privately owned. Thanks to the many industries that support it, it provides hundreds of thousands of jobs.

For example, the rail lubricant industry continues to support improving US rail infrastructure. Industrial lubricants such as automotive lubricants help increase frequency and offer higher network speeds. Rail lubricants are just one of many US businesses in the US rail sector.

The US rail network’s efficiency also helps reduce road congestion, public infrastructure maintenance costs, highway fatalities, and logistic costs. It is why private investors continue to support it.

3. It Is Environmentally-Friendly

Did you know that the US rail network is one of the safest systems globally, also helping protect the environment? Technologies continue to develop to make rail as environmentally friendly as possible. Plus, it helps reduce fuel consumption and traffic on US roads.

There are fewer greenhouse gas emissions with the US rail network, which is why its freight network is a positive asset for the US. The US has some of the highest greenhouse gas emissions in the world, but the rail network only makes up 0.6% of the total US gas emissions.

Learn More About the US Rail Network

The US rail network is something to be proud of as a US citizen and to talk about with loved ones. While the focus is on freight transportation, it ensures efficient shipping across the United States. It also provides an environmentally friendly shipping solution, with the rail networks leading the way across the world with this mode of freight transport.

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