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15 Best Travel Gadgets and Accessories for Any Trip in 2021

When packing your bags to travel, it is natural to feel like filling them with a lot of stuff. It’s like when you’re thinking of what things to take and what not to, every unimportant item seems important as well. A lot of those things are essentials while some just occupy extra space for no reason. There are quite a few things that we add to our luggage just for the luxury of a little extra convenience. In this article, we’ve made things easier for you and have listed down some important gadgets and accessories that should be on top of your travel backpacking list. The accessories and gadgets in the list align with the current needs and requirements keeping the pandemic in mind.

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Touchless door opener

In the current pandemic era, people have become more aware of the consequences of contamination. While everyone is getting vaccinated, touching random doors and all still feels a little risky, especially when your out and about. With this door opener, you would not have to worry about it at all. Whether it is opening the doors, picking the trash, or pressing elevator buttons, the tool is smartly designed with a hook and a prong that save you from direct contact. They can be linked in a keychain so you can easily keep them with you at all times.

Sanitizing wrist band

You only a few pockets in your clothes and cannot really stuff them up to full capacity. Carrying a sanitizer is sort of like a compulsion at this time and if that has too is in your pocket it irritates you. Therefore refillable sanitizing wristband is the best solution. You can easily wear them on your wrists like a watch and sanitize your hands whenever you feel you have touched something impure. Refill it whenever you go out and for clean and carefree travels.

Smartphone Sanitizer Case

This sanitizing case is a stylish way to keep your cell phone sanitized. The case is equipped with a UV disinfectant for sanitization. The lightweight and slim body of the case makes it ideal to be taken on trips without consuming any luggage space. The case is multifunctional as well as it can double up as your phone charger too.

A good touch-free thermometer

In a world before COVID, a thermometer was not suggested to be part of your travel bag. After the pandemic, now it simply is a must-have item. For the well-being of yourself and the people you are traveling with, you can keep a check on temperatures so anyone with a fever can be given the right treatment and isolation as per the situation. Therefore, keeping a touch-free thermometer that anyone can use without contamination is a must-pack item. 

Portable iron

It is an essential gadget for traveling if you don’t want to spend your money on expensive laundry services. The hotels provide ironing services but they can put a hole in your pocket, like quite literally a hole. The portable iron helps you make sure that you are always looking great even you are away from home.

Noise-canceling headphones or earphones

Noise-canceling earphones or headphones play a very important role in making your long flights or drives bearable. The noise-canceling abilities keep you free from any sort of interruptions and help you enjoy the groove.

Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot & Power Bank

Since it is impossible to survive without the internet these days, relying on a flight, hotel, or any other public Wifi is pretty foolish. To have a reliable connection, you need to keep a portable all-in-one device with you that not only provides a WiFi hotspot to your device but can also keep it charged and ready to use at all times. It is simply an item you must keep even when traveling to enjoy the wilderness.

USB cable

USB cables are important particularly for those who can need to transfer data during travel. If you have a USB cable of your own then you will not have to depend on foreign memory cards and alien chargers. If the USB cable has multiple USB plugs then it is another perk. With multiple plug cables, you will be able to charge all your devices and keep your data transfer needs fulfilled.

Travel vacuum

These small travel vacuums can really do wonders. The pump eliminates all air from the inside of the bag with the help of a special sensor that detects the pressure. This way the clothes are condensed and occupy half the space leaving plenty of room to add other things to your suitcase. This is particularly useful when shop lots of gifts when returning. 

Purifying bottle

Most of the illnesses are caused by contaminated drinking water especially when traveling. A purifier drinking bottle is something that can help with this. These bottles can purify tap and clear natural water into healthy drinking water in only a few seconds.

Selfie stick

A trip is never complete without taking some memorable selfies. For those, a selfie stick is really a must-have. These sticks help you take quality group photos and give you something that you can cherish later on, so I think it is simply a must-have.


If you are an avid reader then a Kindle should definitely be there in your luggage. Although one can easily read on the phone, a kindle just makes it more comfortable, so it really is something you would want to pack.

Tumbler or Water bottle

When traveling especially outdoors in the wild, staying hydrated is important. For that, you must keep a good quality tumbler or water bottle. Try to go for a type that has a strap or a clip. Those can be attached to your backpack so that you can travel without the hassle of carrying the bottle and stay hydrated.

Waterproof mobile case

You can never be certain about the weather of your destination so you should be ready for anything the weather throws at you, such as rain. You can buy a disposable umbrella for few bucks from a nearby store but it is important to save your all-important cell phones from water damage. Keep a waterproof mobile case handy in such weather so your phone remains usable at all times without getting messed up.

Portable door alarm

If you are traveling to unsafe places and you have valuable items in your luggage then these alarms are a good choice to have. The portable door alarms can be easily attached to windows and doors and alert you if anyone tries to enter your territory without your permission.

Visit ApparelnBags to acquire the best travel gadgets of 2021 for a smart, pleasant, and convenient traveling experience. Happy travels everyone. 

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